CHAPTER 18: The PlanMature

Where the bloody hell was that bitchy Slytherin girl?  It was nearly half past eight.  There she is.

Ron glared at Pansy as she walked down the corridor.

"What the hell?  I said eight not eight-thirty!"

"Sorry, the guys and I were hanging out and I lost track of time."

"Nevermind that, are you alone?"



"So, whats this about getting our reward for the vampire?"

"We need to set a trap for her, here, at Hogwarts."

"But, she's not here, how will we get her to come back?"

"I have that part covered.  I saw her and Snape kissing in his office."

"Disgusting, she's only sixteen!"

"She's proboably older than that because she's a vampire you moron."

"Oh yeah." 

"I think she was his old girlfriend from when he went to Hogwarts."

"Mhm," said Pansy.  "But you still haven't explained how we're going to get her back here."

Ron leaned over and whispered his plan into Pansy's ear.  She smiled.

"I'll take care of that, I'll send you a patronus when it's been done so you can contact the ministry and tell them that she's coming," said Ron.

The End

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