CHAPTER 17: RecruitedMature

"So . . . you've finally come to your senses."

Nagini slithered across the floor and coiled herself around Alice's ankles.

"Yes, I have," Alice whispered to The Dark Lord.

"I'm pleased to see you coming to the right side."

"Good snake," Alice whispered to Nagini in parseltongue.  She turned to Voldemort.  "I believe you Death Eaters have . . . tatoos."

"Ah, yes."  He raised his wand and tapped it onto her forearm.  The tattoo grew around the point on her arm.  It stung and after a few secconds her whole arm had a burning sensation.  When the drawing as finished, he raised his wand and dismissed Alice.

"But, My Lord, I have nowhere to go.  Hogwarts was my home, but I am forbidden to return."

"You are to stay with the Malfoy family, until Severus returns.  Then you may stay with him.  They are waiting for you."

"Thank you, My Lord."

The End

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