CHAPTER 16: DepressionMature

Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle had begun to get used to Draco not coming to any of their meals, failing classes and whenever he walked into the common room he was alway teary-eyed.  He'd been forced to sleep in the common room because (he didn't know it) he screamed in his sleep and groaned and muttered "Alice, Alice" all night long.  One of the Slytherin boys had even cast a Muffilato charm on the common room at night so they wouldn't hear him screaming.

Crabbe and Goyle weren't sure why he acted this way, but Pansy thought she knew.  At first, she'd thought it was because she hadn't been affectionate around him much this year . . . But whenever she was affectionate he only got more upset.  Then she realized that he missed Alice.  Despite the fact that Alice had been her best friend, when Pansy found out that Draco had fallen in love with her (it was the only logical way she could explain this maddness) she was pissed.  She, and she alone, was Draco's soulmate.  And nobody, not even Alice, would change that. 

She walked down the long corridors to Transfiguration class, muttering to herself all the way.

"Stupid, bratty, leech!  Pesky, soulmate-stealing, blood-sucking demon!!!!"

Someone appeared out of the shadows.  It was Weasley.

"Get outta the way you -- "

"Not sure what to call me?" asked Ron.  "I sure as hell hope it's not as bad as what you think of Alice."

"Whadda you want?"

"Not much."


"I dunno, I just heard you muttering about that Alice girl . . . "


"And there's a reward for anyone who brings her in to Azkaban!"

"How much?"

"Five thousand Galleons," he said, holding up today's copy of The Daily Prophet.

"What do you want me for?"

"Well . . . I just heard you muttering about her and I assumed you hated her."

"I do -- "

"We have to go to class, meet me outside the room of requirement tonight at eight!"

"Okay," said Pansy and the two of them went off to their seperate classes.

The End

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