CHAPTER 15: Ugly StoriesMature

Alice had to leave the school grounds to see Voldemort.  Also, she didn't want to see Severus in his pain anymore.

Snape sat in his office chair, staring at the pictures of Alice that covered the wall.  He wised he could just see the real Alice.  But he knew that Dumbldore's words were firm and he would not be talked into changing his mind about her.  He heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

Draco gently opened the door. 

"Draco, you're supposed to be in bed.  You're still hurt."

"I'm fine," he muttered.  "I . . . need to ask you something."

"Go on then," he said, though he already thought he knew what Draco had come here for.

"It's . . . about Alice," he began.  "I'm not sure I understand what happened out there.  Why was she acting so . . . ?  And why were her eyes so narrow?  And her teeth sharp?  And she . . . had claws . . . "

"Well," began Snape.  "It's . . . sort of a long story.  Sit."

Draco did so and Severus began to explain.

"She wasn't exactly . . . human."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, she was . . . until she was sixteen."

"I thought she is sixteen."

"She's not.  Well, physically she is, but really she's 34.  She'd been sixteen for eighteen years."

"But I still don't understand."

"You haven't seen her blood?  When she was hurt?"


"It's silver."

Draco was silent for a few moments.  "But that means . . . "


"A vampire?"

Snape nodded.  "When you fell, you bleed.  She tried running away . . . but the smell was too overpowering."

"And when vampire's smell blood?"

"It's like when a werewolf sees the full moon.  They have no willpower.  They have no idea who they are."  Snape rolled up his sleve to show him the bite mark on his arm.

"Wouldn't you be a . . . ?"

"No.  Dumbledore knew a spell."

"So Alice is you age?"

"Two years younger."

"But then why did she come back to Hogwarts?"

"When she was attacked by the vampire she was fortunate to have survived, but I think it wanted it that way.  It wanted a new generation of killers.  So for the first three years of vampirism they're extremely dangerous.  So Alice had to drop out of Hogwarts.  Being a vampire she was tecnically 'dead' so the Trace was gone and she apparated to a remote, muggle town in Southern Britan."

"Why did she return?"

"She wanted to finish Hogwarts, a pride of accomplishment thing, I suppose.  She thought she would be alright here.  She thought she had the willpower not to kill anyone.  Of course, a bloody nose or a paprecut would be fine around her . . . but what happened to you . . . "

"That was a hell of a lot more than a papercut."


"I miss her."

"I do too."

"Did you love her?"

Snape sighed.  "Yes."

"Tell me more about her."

"It's not pretty."

"Tell me anyway."

"We were young.  It was when she was still human.  She was fourteen and I was nearly seventeen.  I was in love.  But I was a Death Eater and for a while Lord Voldemort tolerated it.  He said I was 'young and ignorant.'  Perhaps he was right.  She was so beautiful . . . "

Draco nodded.

"But Voldemort stopped tolerating it when I began skipping some of our meets to be with Alice.  He said he would have her killed if I didn't leave her.  So . . . "  Tears began to well up in his eyes but he wiped them away before Draco could see them.  "I gave her a note.  Because I didn't want to see her cry."

" 'Sokay," said Draco, seeing that it was a very painful thing to him. 

"I'd said it was because of the . . . age difference.  Nearly three years . . . "

Draco nodded.  "I understand."

"But, Voldemort had lied and sent the vampire to kill her."

"And she survived."

"But I didn't know."

"He never told you?"

"No.  I suppose he didn't want me to be tempted to take her back."

Severus wiped the tears from his eyes.  Draco spoke.

"I kissed her."


"Well, she sort of kissed me . . . but I sort of kissed her too.  I suppose we kissed eachother."

"Get.  Out." said Snape in an indifferent tone.  He was trying to hide his anger at Draco. 

Draco stood.  "I'm sorry."

"Get out!" snapped Severus.

Draco left the room solemnly.  As he walked down the hall he saw Dumbldore and tried to avoid him.  He didn't need to ask Snape to know that he was the one who had sent those aurors out looking for Alice.  He'd seen them.  He walked up to Dumbledore, with a few tears streaming down his cheeks. 

"She's never coming back . . . Is she?"  He didn't wait for an answer and walked back to the Slytherin common room.  He had no appetite, and did not want to go to dinner anyway.   

The End

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