CHAPTER 14: Never Come BackMature

Alice found herself running into the forbidden forest.  She was angry with herself and angry at Potter for doing such a wreched thing.  If she'd ever hated him before, it was nothing like how she hated him now.  She wanted him dead.

She decided to flee the forest and see Lord Voldemort about joining his Death Eaters.    He was just like his father.  Arrogant, rude, and cruel.  She'd give him the beating she'd never been able to give James.  If only he'd seen her as a vampire . . . He wouldn't have been so quick to gang up on her and Sev if she'd been as powerful as she was now.

Thinking of Severus made her remember what she'd done to him.  It was risky to go back after what she'd just done, but she had to make sure he was okay.  And he had to know that she hadn't meant to do it.  She hoped desperatley for his forgiveness. 

It was a stupid thing to do, but she did it anyway.  She morphed into a hawk and flew up over the canopy of trees so she could see the castle.  She flew quickly then midair morphed from hawk to snowy owl.  She'd get in by disguising herself as Potter's mail owl.  Fortunatley Harry's owl wasn't already in the massave swarm of birds flying into the building, so she didn't look perculiar at all.  As soon as she was in the building she changed again, from owl to bat.  Being a bat was only to keep her from falling.  She flew down towards the ground and changed to a long-haired tortoise shell cat.  Luckily no one was looking.

She walked down the corridors until she spotted Severus.  She followed him around to Dumbledore's office.  She morphed into a tiney bat (smaller than one's thumb) and snuck into the room behind Snape, unseen. 

Dumbledore spoke.

"You know you'll never be able to see her again."  he said loudly.  "I won't allow her anywhere near this school."

"But Proffesor -- " 

"My decision is final."  he said firmly.  "It was a grand idea and all, to have her come and finish Hogwarts.  Since she had to drop out for the first few years of her vampirism."

"Because she was dangerous when she was a young vampire.  But she's not dangerous now!"

"Look at your arm, Severus."

"It's just one bite -- "

"Just one bite?  Just one bite was enough to end your life!  Just one bite was enough to make you a demon!  Like her!"

Severus stood.  "Don't you speak of her that way!" he shouted.  "It wasn't her fault!"


"I love her."

"I'm sorry Severus, but my decision is final.  I cannot have this sort of thing putting my students' lives at risk.  There are already members from the ministry outside looking to take her to Azkaban.  If she's not already off of the grounds, she'll be imprisoned.  Otherwise she is banished from Hogwarts and the minister will decide whether or not they should continue searching for her."

Snape turned away from Dumbledore.  "If that is how it must be . . . "

"It must."

Severus walked out of the room without another word, and Alice followed him out, once again unseen.

The End

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