CHAPTER 13: QuidditchMature

Alice stood in the front row of the stands with Crabbe, Pansy, and Goyle watching the Quiddich match of Slytherin vs. Gryffendor. 

"Go Draco!" Alice cheered.  Pansy stood next to her, half her face painted green, the other half, purple.  Written in gold across her forehead was "SLYTHERIN!"

Draco suddenly appeared to have spotted something and chased after it.

"Draco Malfoy has spotted the Snitch!" said the score keeper/announcer.

Alice saw Potter quickly look for Draco, then zoom after him.  They both stopped.  It seemed the Snitch had gotten away.  Then they both flew after it again.  Then a Gryffendore threw that Quaffle in their direction.  Harry wasn't a Chaser.  Why --

The Quaffle slammed into Draco.

"That's got to hurt." said the scorekeeper.

"Ooh . . . " said Crabbe.  "Right in the  -- "

Pansy shot him a dirty look.

Draco slowed down, but as soon as he saw Harry pass him, he was off again. 

"Go Draco!" shouted Alice and Pansy at the same time.  The two boys chased after the Snitch for awhile, then they seemed to have lost track of it.  After a while of the two of them looking for it, Harry spotted it and tried to fly to it without catching Draco's attention.  It would've worked, had it not been for the scorekeeper who wanted to keep the crowd updated.

"Harry Potter seems to have spotted the Snitch!"

Draco's head snapped tothe left so he was looking at Harry, and he shot across the field faster than Harry could react.

"Atta boy!" shouted Goyle.

The two of them flew across the field like rockets, both seemed desperate to catch the Snitch.  Harry stopped and nodded at one of the beaters, who handed the bat to Weasley, the keeper.

"What the bloody hell is 'e doing?" asked Alice.

The other Gryffendor beater whacked one of the bludgers to Weasley.  He swung at it and the bludger went flying towards Draco, whom Harry was standing clear of. 

"DRACO LOOK OUT!" screamed Alice.  Pansy had no idea what was going on, but the rest of them were panicked.

Draco turned to see the bludger secconds before it slammed into his face.  The whole stadium stoof up to get a better view of what had happened.  Draco fell, unconious, to the ground.  He must've fallen at least two hundred feet, and was sure to have broken several bones . . . if he hadn't died.  Alice jumped back.  She knew there would be blood.

"Where are you going?" shouted Goyle.

She ran.  As fast as her legs would carry her, which was considerably faster than a car could drive.  But it wasn't fast enough.  The sweet aroma of the blood soon reached her, overpowered her senses.  She tried to fight it, but her will wasn't strong enough.  Snape had spotted her.  He knew exactly what was going on.  He had to get her out of there. 

A battle raged within her, everyone but Severus was oblivious to the fact that all of their lives were at stake.  Snape grabbed her, trying to hold her still.  Dumbledore saw them and immedietly understood.  He ran, pushing though the crowd, they were shocked that he wasn't attending to Draco. 

They each gripped one of her arms firmly, trying to hold her steady.  Her being a female vampire, she was extremely fast, but only slightly stronger than a human.  For male vampires, it was the opposite.  Strong, but only slightly faster than humans.  Just fast enough . . . to catch their prey.

Atlast she could not fight it anymore.  The urge to kill was overpowering.  She had no sense of where she was or what she was doing.  She just knew that there was an easy meal.  Her fingernails turned to claws, her teeth grew elongated and pointed.  Her pupils narrowed to slits, her nostrils flared, taking in the aroma.

Severus and Dumbledore fought as hard as they could.  She was now growling and snarling and occasionally tried to bite passing students and professors as they ran away in fear.  They'd been so afraid that they'd left Draco behind.  Lying in the grass, gasping for air, slowly bleeding away the last few secconds of his life. 

At last Dumbledore began to grow weak, but Snape held strong.  If she could somehow weaken him as well, they wouldn't be strong enough for her, and she could get her meal.  Severus tried to move his hand onto her torso, to get a better grip on her.  At the instant her moved his hand she spun around and bit his arm.  She hissed and he fell to his knees, gripping his armas blood spilled all over the grass. 

Suddenly, her senses returned to her.  Her pupils returned to normal, her teeth receeded and her claws were once again fingernails.  She stared for a moment at what she had done.  As soon as she felt tears dripping down her cheeks, she turned and ran.  Faster than she had before.  She ran and ran and ran.  Wanting to get away.  Hoping that maybe if she left, it would all get better.  Hoping Severus wouldn't have to be like her.  That he wouldn't have to suffer as she had.  She hated what she was and she would've rather died than become this. 

Because she knew that one day, Snape would be dead . . . and she would have nothing.

The End

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