CHAPTER 12: The Wrath of PansyMature

Alice woke to a glorius stream of sunlight on her bed.  She yawned and stretched.  As she stratched she felt a terrible pain in her neck. 

"Ow!" she shreiked.  Snape turned around to her almost before she had yelled.

"What is it?  Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just -- ooh! -- my neck."  She rubbed her neck with her hand.  "Ow . . . "

"Oh," he said, less concerned than he had been before.

She stood up and yawned again stretching her arms.  She looked in a nearby mirror at the huge gash on her forehead that had partially healed.  There wasn't anymore blood, just a long mark across her forehead. 

"Did I sleep here all night?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said.  "It was seven o'clock and you were already out like a light until now."

She yawned again.  "What time is it?"

"Half past eight."

She yawned once more, stretching her shoulders back.  "I suppose I ought to go to breakfast.  Are you coming?"

"Yes, I was waiting for you.  I thought I might need to escort you down considering your condition yesterday."

"Mhm.  I should be able to manage," she said as she started for the doorway.  "Come on!"

They walked to the Great Hall and Snape went to sit with the teachers and Alice, with the Slytherins. 

She sat down inbetwene Goyle and Pansy, so she was facing Crabbe and Draco. 

"Bloody hell . . . " said Draco, staring at the marks on her neck and forehead.

"Good morning to you too, Draco," said Alice.  They all laughed. 

"Crabbe told me you were pretty bad, but . . . Damn . . . "

Alice saw Crabbe making that face schoolboys do when they've done something they know they shoudln't have, and smiled.  "Well, I was a little queasey when I woke up yesterday, but I'm alright now." 

She was relieved to see Crabbe's expression return to normal.  She hated seeing him feel guilty for something as silly as incorrect annunciation on a spell. 

She picked up he plate and got some Jell-O, some water, a few sugar packets and two chocolate frogs.  She poured the sugar into the water and tapped her wand on the water to mix in the sugar and make the water red.  She made herself fake blood whenever she got cravings.  She ate the food and drank her "blood," saving one chocolate frog for Draco's Quiddich game later on that day. 

"Come with me Alice," said Pansy, grabbing her arm and pulling her along with her.  Alice looked at Draco and mouthed 'Where is she taking me?' He just shrugged, telling her that he had no clue.

She was forced to go along with Pansy because yesterday's incodents had temporarily weakened her.  Pansy dragged her along, turing left, left, right, left, right, right, right, left, up a few flights of stairs, left, right . . . until at least they stopped at the old girls' lavatory.  The one no one had used since Moaning Myrtle lived there most of the time.  Alice had known Myrtle as a human.  To be quite candid, Alice understood how she was dubbed with the name "Moaning Myrtle."  If she moaned as much in death as she had in life, Alice didn't think she'd be able to bear it. 

"What are you doing here?" Alice asked.  "This is Moaning Myrtle's lavatory." 

"Makeup, silly!"

Alice was completely confused.

"Couldn'y you do that in some other bathroom?  Or in the girls' bedroom?"

"No, we're both putting on makeup."

"I don't wear makeup."

"No, like painting our faces.


"For the quiddich game!"

"Oh . . . um, yeah, about that . . . "  she thought of the nicest way to put it.  "No thanks.  But you have fun doing that with yourself though!  Maybe you can find someone else to paint their faces with you."

"Oh.  Okay then.  You sure you don't wanna -- "

"Positive."  She ran out of the room before Pansy could say anything else.  When she got back to the table the boys were a bit shocked.

"What happened?" asked Goyle.

"Where's Pansy?" asked Crabbe.

"Painting her face green," said Alice.  "Not exactly my cup of tea."

"How'd ya get outta that one then?" asked Goyle.

Draco deepened his voice.  "No one escapes the wrath of Pansy!  Mwa ha ha ha haa!"  They all boomed with laughter.

"She'll be back!" said Crabbe, adding an evil laugh at the end.  They all laughed, banging their fists on the table and swinging back and forth in their seats.

Dumbledore tapped his goblet with his fork as a signal for the hall to quiet down.  The quiddich coach spoke. 

"All quiddich team members from Slytherin and Gryffendor are to report to the stadium to get dressed into their gear.  The rest of you lot that are coming to watch should be there in about five minnutes."

Draco stood to leave. 

"Good luck mate!" hooted Goyle as Crabbe patted him on the back.

Alice got up and hugged him.  "Good luck," she whispered, then released him.  You better catch that Snitch!  I'm betting thirty sickles on Slytherin!"

"Bloody hell!  Thirty silver sickles?"

"Yeah, so you'd better win!" she called as he ran off with the rest of the team.

The End

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