CHAPTER 10: Spells Gone WrongMature

Alice's next class was Defense Against the Dark Arts, which she and Crabbe had together. 

"So um," he asked.  "You and Draco . . . you wouldn't happen to be -- "

"No, we aren't.  I'm having a relationship with someone else," she replied.

They were quiet the rest of the way to Snape's room.  They sat down at their desk together.  Snape saw them and walked over to her desk. 

"Hi, Alice."

"Hello, Sev."  She twirled a pice of her hair with her finger as she spoke.  "I see you've redecorated the room."  She laughed.  The walls were black instead of the pale blue they had been when she was there.  Instead of the usual brick railings around his balcony, there were several metal rods that looked like they'd been ripped off one of the doors in the dungeon.  Knowing Snape, they probably had been.

He smiled.  "Would you like to see my office?" he asked putting out a hand to help her down the steps.

"Of course," she said, taking his hand.

Inside his office was a bright blue wall, though you could barely see the wall because it was covered with photos of Alice. 

"You . . . did all of this?" 

He nodded.

"All . . . for me?"

He nodded 'yes' again.

"Wow . . . "

He kissed her softly on the cheek.  He kept kissing her over and over, each time getting closer toher lips until their lips were locked to eachothers.  She hated to do it, but she had to pull away.

"Your um, class is waiting," she whispered sweetly.  "And I think they can see us through the curtain."

Snape smiled and they walked back out, down the steps, and Alice went back to her seat with Crabbe. 

"Allright, class," he said in that sort of loud voice that only teachers use.  A sort of half way betwene loud and normal.  "Open up your books to page 279 and you'll see a series of spells you will be practicing on the person sitting with you.  So, Mr. Weasley, you'll be practicing on Mr. Potter.  Ms. Granger will be practicing on Mr. Longbottem and so forth.  Any questions?"

A Gryffindor boy raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Longbottom."

"Um, the spells we'll be using won't . . . hurt our partners, will they?"

"No," said Snape.  "The first five spells won't hurt you partner beyond a bruise or small cut.  Then you are to sit down until the rest of the class has finished the spells.  We'll then Vanish the desks so you'll have plently of room for the blasting spells.  Any other questions?"

No one raised a hand.

"Very well then, you may begin."

"You first," said Alice.

"You sure?" asked Crabbe.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

"Okay then.  Um, Bruisarius Mormid!"

Alice felt something that felt like someone had punched her in the arm.

"Very good, Crabbe!" shouted Snape from across the room.  "Are you alright, Alice?"

"Yeah, I'm fine!" she yelled back.

"Now you try," said Crabbe.

"Bruisarius Mormin!" she yelled.

Crabbe fell down on the floor with a groan of pain.  Alice dropped her wand and ran over.

"Are you alright, Crabbe?  I'm sorry!"

He gesture toward his left leg with another groan.  She rolled up his pant leg to see a ridiculously large bruise that was still growing. 

"Bloody hell!" she said.  Snape ran over to see what happened.

"I heard you mispronounce it, Alice.  Is he alright?""

"I -- I don't know.  His leg is all . . . "

"Oooh . . . " Snape said quietly.  "That's gotta hurt."  He turned around.  "Will someone escort Mr. Crabbe to this hospital wing?"

"I will," said a blonde Slytherin girl.

"Thank you," he said as she helped Crabbe lean on one of her shoulders to help him down to the hospital wing.

"I think it'd be best if you worked on the practice dummy," he said.  "I'll go get it and help you."

"Everyone back to their seats!" he yelled as he walked to the closet.  He pushed one of the dummies over in front of Alice. 

"If you had been in combat that would've been good . . . even though it was wrong.  But for the test, you need to do them right."


"So what you did is you just pronounced it wrong which is easily fixed."

"Okay, how do you pronounce it?"

"Bruisarius Mormid."

"Oh, okay.  Bruisarius Mormid!"

The dummy now had a small bruise on its forehead.

"Good," he said.  "Now try the rest."

Alice did all of the rest perfectly.  By the time they were about to start the blasting ones, Crabbe had returned.

"Oh, good," said Snape.  "You alright then?"

"Yea, she just did some spell that gets rid of bruises, Wassinolous, I think."

"Good, you can work with Alice on the blasting ones."

"Alright," he said.  Snape walked back to the front of the room.  "Ladies first," he said hesitantly to Alice.

"Velissus Vormados," she said with a a light flick of her wand.  Crabbe flew back to the other side of the room landing a few feet away from the wall.

"Good!" shouted Severus.  "Now you try Cra -- no! no! Malissa you flicked it too lightly!"

"Okay," said Crabbe.  "So don't flick it too gently, like Snape said.  Velissus Vormados!"

Alice shot up fifteen feet in the air and flew back all the way to the other wall, slamming her head on the concrete.  Snape ran over, so fast he may as well have apparated there. 

"Alice!" he shouted.

When he got to her, she was unconcious.  She was bleeding, but it was silvery, rather than red. 

"Vampire blood," he whispered to himself, remembering that vampires had different blood than humans.  Now everyone who knew that would also know her secret.  "Dammit," he whispered.

He bent over and picked her up, cradling her in his arms.

"Get back to your seats!" he yelled, a mixture of anger and fear were in his voice.  "All of you!"

He carried her in his arms running though the corridors to take her to the hospital wing.  He wished he could run as fast as she could.

Meanwhile in the classroom, Hermione was talking to Harry and Ron.

"Did you see that?" she whispered.

"Yeah," said Ron.  "And it was bloody freaky too.  Who the hell bleeds silver?"

"Vampires do," said Hermione in a hushed voice.

"You mean to say that Thorne's a vampire?" asked Harry.

"That's the only logical explination."

"And vampires aren't allowed in Hogwarts," said Ron.  "My mum told me when I was little because I was scared," he added.

"So?" asked Harry.

"Sooo," said Hermione.  "We need to tell Dumbledore.  We can't have a vampire terrorizing the school!"

"I get the feeling Snape's involved in this.  Did you see the look on his face?" asked Harry.

"Did you see them snogging in his office?" asked Ron.  "His walls were covered in pictures of her!"

"Really?" asked Harry. 

"I swear they were gonna suck eachother's faces off!"

"Anyway," said Hermione, a bit irritated.  "We need to tell Dumbledore before someone gets hurt . . . or killed."

The End

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