CHAPTER 9: Potions ClassMature

Alice went to her first class for the day which, by mere coincidence, she shared with Draco, Pansy and Goyle.  As they walked down the corridor to potions class with Slughorn Alice felt sott of sorry about the leaving Crabbe behind.  But it was his own choice not to take potions . . . er, well, it was his own choice to fail potions last year, that is. 

As they walked in Slughorn greeted them merrily, giving a completely unneccisary (and slightly uncomfortable) hug to Alice. 

"Hello, Proffessor," she said.  Then she'd noticed that Draco and Crabbe had already sat down and Pansy was waiting for her.  Since Draco and Crabbe sat together, Alice and Pansy had to sit together.  Personally, Alice would've rather sat with Cissy's son but Pansy had wanted some "girl time."  The way Alice understood it was that Pansy only hung out with Crabbe, Goyle and Draco and desperatly needed another female around to keep her sanity.

"Here Alice, let's sit here," Pansy sugested. 

"Okay," she replied. 

Just before class had begun, Potter and the red-headed boy burst into the room.

"Oh, hello Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley. What are you two doing here?" asked Slughorn, but then changed his mind.  "Oh nevermind that, now.  Well, come sit down and open your books up to 246."

"Books," said Potter as he caught his breath.  "We need books."

"Oh very well then, there are some spares in the cupboard"

They ran over to the cupboard, looked at eachother and began fighting over the book.  Alice happened to be trying to get into the cupboard above them to get the ingredients she and Pansy would need.

"It's just a bloody book!" she said pulling them apart and handing the new book to Weasel or whatever his name was and the old one to Potter.  Okay, yes she'd done that on purpose because she hated Harry, which she supposed made her a hypocrate.  Oh well, anything to get them out of the way to get her ingredients.

She walked back to the table with the tray of things they'd need.

She began cutting and adding and stirring until she'd added all the ingredients and followed most of the directions.  She'd modified it a bit because she knew that two of the ingredients that it said to put together would explode when put together so she only added half of the amount the book said to.  It did explode, but the explosion didn't kill anyone so it was alright.  It was bubbling, why was it bubbling?  Living Death isn't supposed to bubble . . . she added some wolfspring and it stopped.  She tested it by dropping a leaf in it.  Damn, it didn't dissolve.  She sucked some venom out of her teeth and spit it into the cauldron.  Rather than dissolving, the leaf caught on fire.  Oh well, close enough.

When Slughorn went around to see who had won the Felix Felicis He first dropped it in Alice's since only she and Potter had managed to even finish the recepie.  Draco's potion had actually GOT UP OUT OF THE POT AND CRAWLED AWAY!  Alice couldn't help but laugh at that and Draco gave her a bit of a dirty look.  She just smiled.

Unfortunatly Slughorn thought that the leaf bursting into flames instead of dissolving did make a difference and somehow Potter had managed to brew his perfectly so he won the liquid luck.  Alice hadn't really any use for it anyway so she didn't care.  She could see that Pansy was EXTREMELY jealous.  Alice couldn't help but let out a bit of a giggle.

The End

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