CHAPTER 8: Old Friends and NewMature

 Alice slept peacefully that night, as if nothing had happened between her and Draco.  To her, it did feel like nothing.  It wasn't a particularly memorable thing in her life, she'd kissed plenty of other guys.  Though, she couldn't help but think about it every now and again.  It sure as hell wasn't like a kiss from Sev, but it definitly made the top ten.

For Draco, it was a big deal.  He'd kissed plenty of girls too, but he really had feelings for her.  She made him nervous.  He had run off after their kiss, forgetting to show Alice the way back to the common room.  Then he regretted doing this so he didn't even change into his pajamas, he just slept in his clothes (well, tried to sleep, anyway).  He honestly did not get any sleep that night, because it had been a big deal for him.  He'd kissed Pansy before, but not like this.

Alice got up off the couch in the common room, she didn't want to sleep with those snobby brats in the girls' room anyway.  But mainly she slept on the couch because that was where she and Bellatrix (and sometimes Narcissa) slept everynight.  Bella had been Alice's best friend and she and Cissy had always treated her like family, even after the attack.  In fact, Bella had thought it was cool to have a vampire as a best friend.  Or as Bella had always called her, "her adopted sister."  Cissy had thought of her as a replacement for their traitor sister, Nymphadora.  She wondered what Cissy would say about her kiss with her son.  She'd probably get a bit upset but Bella would cool her down.  Bellatrix had always had a sort of laid back feeling about her.

Perhaps she would join the Death Eaters considering most of her friends were part of it as well.  She'd write to Cissy and ask her to pass the message onto Voldemort.  Since Cissy was the only person Alice knew who wasn't in Azkaban or wanted but still in touch with The Dark Lord, besides Snape of course.

Alice got up and stretched, wondering what was for breakfast.  She got up and walked downstairs to the Great Hall.  She knew she was probably fifteen minnutes late of breakfast but she didn't care, she didn't need the whole hour to eat her fill of sweets anyways.

As she walked through the doors of the Great Hall, she saw Severus standing by the door.  He saw her too (obviously, because she just walked in front of him) and they gave eachother a hug before Alice walked over to the Slytherin table.  She walked over tho the available seat inbetwene Draco and Goyle and played with Draco's super-blonde hair before sitting down next to him.

"Oh, hi Alice," he said as she scooped some Jell-O onto her plate.

"Hello, Draco," she replied in her sweet, candy-coated voice.  "Am I late?"

"A bit," he said.  "But it doesn't really matter.  No one actually uses the whole hour for eating, it's usually more of just socializing."

"Although you did miss Dumbledore's little responsibilty or whatever it was speech about You-Know-Who," piped in Pansy, eager to be part of the conversation.

"What a load of bull that was," said Crabbe.

"Absolutley," agreed Goyle.

"Yeah," said Draco.  "It was a bit sketchy." 

"Like he knew someone was a Death Eater, trying to trick them into 'fessing," added Goyle.

"As if a Death Eater would be stupid enough to blurt out 'Oh!  I'm a Death Eater, yea I've killed a couple thousand people but I didn't know your speech was going to be so moving, blah blah blah, please don't take me to Azkaban!'" he said the quote in a little girl voice which was quite comical and made Alice and Pansy both let out a bit of a giggle, while Draco, Crabbe and Goyle boomed with laughter.

"'Yes, please forgive me Dumbledore!  I was only involved in a huge muggle massacure!  It was only eighty five wizzards and bloody hell is anyone knows how many muggles!" said Draco, laughing hystarically.  They all thought this was funny and laughed along with him.  They spent the rest of that morning taking turns playing the part of a confessing Death Eater, having a good laugh about it.

The End

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