CHAPTER 7: Tour GuideMature

After dinner, Draco gave Alice her tour of the castle even though she knew every spot there was to know.  As he pointed out various spots about the building she began having flashbacks at every one.  As they walked up one section of the moving stairwells she remembered that it was this very section that she and Severus first kissed.  It had been perhaps the most wonderful moment of her entire existance.  She zoned out, remembering.  He'd gently pressed his soft lips to hers and they held it for what seemed like hours and his lips were soft like cotton candy and breath smelled like chocolate frogs . . . "Alice," he said.  "Alice are you coming?"  She was confused, then her trans broke and she realized she was standing at the bottom of the stairs and Draco was at the top.  She'd nearly forgotten where she was.  The past is so easily confused with the present.

"Yes,"  she said.  "Sorry about that."

"Oh, it's alright," he said.  "Breathtaking view, isn't it?"

"Yes, it's marvelous."

They walked together up the rest of the stairs, making a stop or two at a few of the floors.  At last they reached the top.

"And here's the astronomy tower," said Draco.

"Ah, yes," replied Alice.  They walked together to the railing.  "Lovely view . . . " she said.

"Yeah," said Draco.  "It's always been my favourite part of this whole place.  Especially at night, when the moon is full and the stars shine down . . . It's a nice spot to just . . . "

"Break away," said Alice.  It wasn't a question, she knew.  She'd felt the same way about it when she last came here.

"Yeah."  They stood there in silence.  It wasn't one of those strained silences, it was peaceful.

Alice stared into his grey eyes.  They were subtle but had a sort of mysterious beauty to them.  He looked back into her burgendy eyes. He was afraid to admit it but he thought she must've been the most beautiful creature to walk the earth.

Each of them equally hesitant, they leaned in towards eachother.  Their lips gently glided across eachothers.  It was one of those beautiful scenes out of a fairy tale.  The moon was perfectly centered above their now joined lips, the dew drops on the pine trees of the Forbidden Forrest shimmered in the moonlight, it was magical . . .  

The End

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