CHAPTER 6: IntroductionsMature

Eventually they had to stop kissing -- Severus and Alice.  Snape went out to sit with the rest of the teachers and Alice was to stay put until Dumbledore announced her name to the students.  Extremely embaressing.

After a few long minnutes Dumbledore began telling the 1st years the rules, introducing Slughorn and telling his post, announcing that Snape would be Defense against the Dark Arts . . .

"Now I wish to introduce to you all, an new student to Hogwarts, Alice Thorne."  That was her cue.  She walked through the curtains and Severus smiled at her as she walked up to stand next to Dumbledore. 

"Alice has been sorted over the summer so there's no need for that now, she'll be in Slytherin," he announced.  Then he nudged her to signal for me to find a spot with the Slytherins.

She walked over to the only open seat, next to Malfoy.

"Can I sit here?"

"Of course," he said.  "I don't see anywhere else for you to sit."  He gestured for her to sit down, unaware that she already knew a lot about him.  Like that he was a Death Eater.  Well, she couldn't hold it against him, after all, Severus was a Death Eater too.

"So um, Alice, is it?"

"Yes,"  she said quietly.

"I'm Malfoy,"  he said, then quickly added "Draco, Malfoy,"  holding out his hand.  She shook his hand and then began putting a bit of water in her glass.  She fancied something very sweet, for blood is quite sweet, too.  Aha!  Chocolate!  She put a few pieces of chocolate on her plate and began eating slowly.

"So, um, you're new here . . . "

"Mhm," she said as sweetly as possible.

"So, um, I thought maybe . . . you'd need someone to . . . you know, show you around."

She didn't really need to be shown around but if anyone was going to believe the lies she and Dumbledore had been telling, she really needed to play up the part better.

"Yes, that sounds delightful."

"Brilliant!"  He said, then stopped, trying to hide his excitement.  "Er, I mean, good."

"Shall we go after dinner?"

"Yes!" he choked, clearly not expecting such an equally anticipated response.

"Alright then," she said, now excited for their "date."

The End

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