CHAPTER 5: ReunionMature

Alice was about to leave the train when she saw that the blond boy stayed behind.  Her curiosity won over her previous decision to leave.  So she morphed into a black widow spider and crawled over to the seat Draco had been sitting in. 

"Didn't Mum ever tell you it was rude to eavesdrop, Potter?"  He yelled as he ripped Harry's invisibility cloak off of him.  Alice knew he was there because she could smell him and . . . also one of his shoes had been showing.

"Malfoy - " he said but was cut off.

"Petrificus totalus!"  Yelled Malfoy (apparently that was his name).  "Oh yeah," he said as he leaned over his body.  "She was dead before you could wipe the drool off your face."  He stomped on Potter's face, breaking his nose.  "That's from my father.  Have a nice ride back to London."  He said as he threw the invisibility cloak over Harry's face.

Alice was starting to like this Malfoy guy.  She was glad she wasn't in her vampire/human state because blood was all over the floor and most likely all over Potter's face.

She crawled out of the compartment and morphed back into her human self.  As she exited the train she saw a girl with light blond hair and a funny smile on her face walk by with odd-looking glasses.

"Get out of the way," Alice said as she pushed by the odd girl.

Alice walked up the hill into the castle.  Not into the great hall though, for Dumbledore insisted on introducing her.  Instead she walked up to Dumbledore's office, knocked three times and the door opened to a smiling old man with half-moon spectacles, indoubtably Dumbledore. 

"Hello, Alice.  Good to see you again."  He said.  To her surprise, Alice also saw an old proffessor of hers, Proffessor Slughorn. 

"Oh, hello Proffessor Slughorn.  Wasn't expecting to see you here."

"Alice, alice, good to see you, good to see you." he said, giving her a hug.  As they hugged she mouthed to Dumbledore:  Does he recognize me?

"Indeed, Alice."  said Dumbledore.

"I don't understand though," said Alice.  "I thought no one was supposed to know except for you and I."

"We've made one exception, because I knew he'd recognize you."

"Of course he bloody would!  He was there when I was attacked!  He's fortunate not to have been killed, himself!"

Slughorn stood there like an idiot as Alice and Dumbledore conversed.

"Besides," Alice said.  "I thought Severus was teaching potions, not Slughorn."

"Indeed he was, but we've moved his post to defense against the Dark Arts.  And you ought to call him Proffessor Snape."

"Mhm, sure," said Alice absentmindedly.  Her mind was now flooded with thoughts of Severus.

"Well, I think I'll go sit with the rest of the Professors," said Slughorn, knowing that he clearly was not involved whatsoever in the conversation.

Moments after Slughorn left, the door opened once more.  Alice was facing away from the door but she immediately knew who it was.

"Severus?" she said nearly in a whisper as she turned to face the person who'd just entered.

He stared for a moment in disbelief.  "Alice . . . but -- you're dead.   you were killed in that horrible vampire attack.  It was in The Prophet . . . "

She gave him a sad look and nodded her head 'no.'  She moved her hair out of her face so he could see her red eyes.

"No . . . " he said softly as he walked towards her.

He embraced her and she leaned her head on his shoulder as he stroked his fingers through her hair.

"I missed you."  she whispered.

"I missed you too,"  he whispered back.

"Why did you leave me?" she asked, still speaking in a whisper.

"He, Voldemort, said he was going to kill you -- send a vampire after you -- if i didn't leave you.  He thought I was getting too . . . attatched, that you were distracting me from him."

"You said . . . "

"I know what I said," he whispered.  "I didn't want you to know the truth.  I thought I'd frighten you when you needn't be frightened."

"I could've handled it, the truth.  I could've handled all of it if I'd known you still loved me."  She was begining to cry.

"I always loved you.  I thought about you every day.  Even more when you were gone than I had when you were there.  And I cried.  Every night since I read that you were dead.  Even last night, I cried."

"I cried too."

"But none of it matters anymore.  All that matters is that you're here and now we're together."

"But now you're a grown man and I'm still a teenager.  What will people think -- "

"Shhh." he said, pressing his finger to my lips.  "We'll worry about that later.  All that matters to me right now is you."

She smiled, and Severus softly pressed his lips to hers.  She wrapped her arms wound his neck and he wrapped his around her waist.  It was just how it had been except there was no one to pull them apart.  And there never would be.  Not ever.

The End

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