CHAPTER 4: Train RideMature

Alice walked down the train station to the brick wall between platforms 9 and 10.  She saw the red-headed boy she'd frieghtened a few days ago.  Of course, he didn't recognize her (she'd been in her bat form).  He was there with his mum, a younger girl who must've been his sister, and the other two kids he'd been with last time she saw them.  She stared at the half-blood, the one with glasses.  He had black hair and . . . a scar.  Bloody hell, it was Harry Potter.  She stared and eventually he looked up.  She held his gaze.  He looked just like James. 

She'd gotten in a fight with him one time for suspending Severus in the air by his ankle.  Of course that was before she was a vampire so he pretty much beat the shit out of her (it was a non-magical fight).

Eventually Harry turned away to step through the wall.  Alice waited a few moments after they were all gone before she stepped through, giving them time to get out of the way. 

She walked across the platform to the Slytherin section of the train and gotten on.  She needn't be sorted, she'd been in Slytherin last time she was here as well, despite her being muggleborn.  Dumbledore knew this of course and told the rest of the staff that he'd sorted her on his own time.  Only he, and the hat, would know that it was a lie.

She walked down the narrow aisle.  She saw the boy with the death eater tattoo in a seat with two hefty-looking boys and a girl about the same age as the rest.  The blonde boy's head was resting in the girl's lap as she stroked his hair.  It painfully reminded her of what it had been like when she and Severus were together. 

She walked away, for she could feel tears welling up in her eyes.  she went to sit alone and shut the door and drew down the shades.  She pulled out her wand and muttered "Muffilato" so no one could hear her cry.  Soft tears rolled down across her cheeks.

She pulled out the envelope that she'd placed in her pocket earlier and read its contents once more, before drifting to sleep.

The End

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