CHAPTER 3: Painful MemoriesMature

Alice apparated to her temporary dwelling.  She moved to a different home every week.  This week she had cooled molten rock from a volcano and made it bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.  It was still quite warm and cozy inside though.  She'd had her trunk packed for weeks now, she was extremely excited about seeing Hogwarts again.  It was her only true home, and she was glad to see it again.  She could see the train pulling up to the school now just as it was when she was fourteen. 

A petite figure stepped out of the train holding hands with a tall slender boy with greasey black hair.  The girl had black, ear-length with bright blue highlights to match her blazing blue eyes. 

Alice remembered her beautiful blue eyes though they hadn't been blue since the vampire attack which left her with flaming red eyes and charcoal black hair.

The boy whispered "I love you" to the girl and kissed her softly on the cheek.  The girl smiled and responded by clinging her lips to his and wrapping her arms around his neck.  His hands wound around her waist as their lips clung and their tongues explored the lovely tase of eachother's mouths. 

Then a rather obnoxious boy a year older than Alice, but a year younger than Severus with long, whiteish-blonde hair grabbed the boy's arm and yanked him away to ride in the boat with the sixth years and she was left to ride with the fourth years.

Alice stopped daydreaming about her past when she remembered something.  She reached into a small chest filled with non-moving photos of the same tall, thin boy with black hair and a few notes signed "Love, Severus."

She picked up a yellowish-brown envelope and pulled out an old sheet of paper.

Dearest Alice,

I wish I could stay with you, I truly love you.  And I love the way you feel the same for me.  I know we've been through a lot, but the age difference just simply won't work.  We're too far apart.  You need to be with people your age and so do I.  We've had a good laugh and all, but I can't be with you this way anymore.

Yours Truly,


Alice carefully folded up the paper, carefully put it back in the envelope, and slipped it into her pocket.

The End

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