The Village

Danni and Dan were walking home after work. Dan took Danni's hand and wrapped his arm around her.

  "Do you want to go watch the dragons at the rest stop." he asked her.

  "Sure, Dan." Danni answered. So he unwrapped her from his grip and she dragged him toward the rest stop. Halfway there, she gave up dragging him along and ran ahead of him with a quick "I'll meet you there!"

  When Danni got to the rest stop, she saw this beautiful dragon land. It had magnifecent scales, with her three favorite colors. Blue, purple, and green flashed across the scales every 12 seconds. She loved it almost as much as she liked the rider. He was tall, sexy, and obviously had totally hot abs. He looked around 14, her age, and he was staring at her.

  Suddenly in her ear she heard "Hey beautiful, I missed you." Then Dan spun her around and kissed her.

  Once Danni and Dan broke free from their steamy kiss, Dan said "Wow! Is it just me or are you getting sexier by the minute." This made Danni laugh. Then she heard "You o.k. Danny?" She whirled around and saw the hot rider that she had been watching was talking to his friend.

  "Yea, totally." the guy, Danny?, answered. "Well bro, we got to go home so that we can get fitted for our tuxes and so we can so the girls our dragons." The guy was his brother not his friend. " Let's saddle up."

  The two brothers climbed onto their dragons and flew away. "I liked the red, yellow, and orange dragon." Dan said.

  "I liked the blue, green, and the purple one." Danni informed him. " I think I need to get home now." Dan said. "O.k. I'll race you." Danni said. "O.k. On your mark, get set, GO!!" Dan said.

The End

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