The Forest

Danny was happy. The girls thought they were out for a bachelor party, but his dad took the two brothers into the woods to find them a dragon. A dragon signified the change from boys to men. 

  All married men had a dragon. Once the married men had babies they allowed their dragons to mate and have babies. The link between the man and his dragon would last for a lifetime. It was finally time for both Danny and Felix to get their dragons.

  It had taken five days for the boys to climb the summit and hike until they reached the forest. The two dads that came with them rode their dragons down. Once the two boys had caught their dragons all 4 of them would ride their dragons back as fast as possible. There would only be one place where they are allowed to stop. A rest stop in town where everyone can park there to rest their dragon.

  Suddenly, there was a rustling sound to the left of Felix. A dragon slowly stepped out of the bushes. As soon as the dragon stepped out of the bush, Felix shot a net at it. It was a beautiful dragon with red, yellow, and orange scales everywhere. The scales sparkled in the sun. Danny helped Felix make sure that the dragon was caught. Then the 3 men and Danny started towards where the dragon came out of the bushes. 

  Soon they came across a majestic dragon with blue, green, and purple scales. Once they saw it, Danny immediatly shot a net at it. The other 3 men helped Danny make sure it was caught. Then all 4 of them got on their dragons and they flew towards the castle.Danny loved the feeling of flying. It made him feel like he was the king of the world. After about an hour, the 4 men started to descend into the rest stop.

  While their Danny looked over and saw this beautiful girl sitting on the fence watching the dragons. She was staring at his the most and at one time she looked at him. Then he saw someone sneak up behind her and whisper in her ear. He, then, spun her around and kissed her. When they broke free the guy told her something Danny couldn't hear and she laughed. 

  "You o.k. Danny?" Felix asked. The girl turned around and saw him still watching her.

  "Yea, totally." he answered.

  "Well bro, we got to go home so that we can get fitted for our tuxes and so we can show the girls our dragons."Felix said. "Let's saddle up."

  The boy's father was ready to go. Danny was so excited to get home and see his fiance, Talia. He couldn't wait for the wedding. It was going to be amazing!

The End

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