Forbidden Love

In the far away land called Pendonia, there is a beautiful castle. Inside this castle lives 2 of the most wonderful royal families in all of the land. The princesses are supposed to marry the princes in a huge wonderful wedding in 3 days. But one day while riding through the kingdom, one of the princes falls for a peasant. What will happen? Read more, story alot better then the summary.

  Princess Talia looked down into the wonderful city of Tibonia, the capital of the beautiful land of Pendonia. She was destined to be the queen of this beautiful city. The only down side to her future is that in order to do this, she had to marry her best friend.Talia and Danny had been the bestest of friends forever. She just couldn't imagine a life married to him. He was sweet, sexy, kind, but he wasn't what  she wanted to marry. Her type was actually Danny's brother, Felix. But no, her sister got to marry Felix. Life was just so unfair.

   And now the girls were the only ones left in the castle, because the boys went to celebrate their last three days as single men. It was kind of like a bachelor party for many days. In fact this was their fifth day gone from the castle. Talia was actually starting to get worried.

 "Talia, are you ok?" her sister said, walking up behind her.

  "Yea. I'm just worried about the guys. They have been gone way to long and I'm nervous about my wedding." she answered. 

 "I am too. I'm so jealous that you get to have a wedding before me though." Talia rolled her eyes. Phoebe had been complaining about that for days.

 "Oh, come on Phoebe. Your wedding is gonna be the day right after mine." Talia told her. "Yea, I guess that's true. Well don't worry about the guys. They will be home before you know it." Pheobe said.

 "Well, we got to go for the dress fitting, my Maid of Honor needs a beautiful dress too. So why don't you come take a peek at your beautiful dress." Talia said, getting up and walking towards the royal fitting room.

 "O.K. and then you can come take a peek at your Maid of Honor dress." Phoebe said following her sister into the fitting room. While they were changing Talia couldn't help but think about Danny and Felix and hope that where ever they were happy and safe.

The End

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