Forbidden Love

Will and Liz are twins. They are high school studants who fall in love with fellow classmates like any other normal teenager. But Will and Liz are far from normal teenagers, they're vampires.

Humans are for feeding on.

Humans are needed for a vampire's disguise.

Humans are there so the vampire race do not die out.

Humans are the most important thing for the future of vampires.

Humans are not for killing.

But most importantly humans are definitely not for loving.

If a vampire falls in love with a human, they endanger their life. They endanger every vampire's life. Vampires have to keep their secret from humans, and if they fall in love with one they risk telling them about everything. About the secret shared by a whole race. A strong race. If this secret gets out, the vampires will surely die.

The vampires in this tale are unlike all other vampires you may have seen, read about.

1. Sunlight does nothing to them, it has no effect. It doesn't make them turn to ash; it doesn't burn them, and most importantly doesn't, under any circumstances, make them sparkle.

2. Vampires are not allowed to kill when they feed, and the human they feed on automatically forgets all about the 'attack'.

3. Male vampires find it much harder to control their need for human blood than females do.

4.  All animal blood is poisonous to them.

5. Vampires can reproduce, with either human or vampire.

6. If the vampire is born it isn't gifted with it's powers until it is ten years of age. A vampire fully stops ageing at twenty.

7. When a vampire comes of age, usually fourteen years old, they have the option to leave their family and make their own family, or they can stay with their parents and train for a further four years, then it's not an option, they must leave.

8. Vampires have two faces. Their savage face and their normal, human face.

9. For a vampire to change a person no exchange for blood is needed, it's all done through words and feelings.

10. Vampires are super strong and super fast.

11. If they touch garlic their true face is revealed.

12. Crosses and holy water are their salvation as vampires are a religious race.

13. They must live a normal, human life or it is their parents job to remove them. By remove I mean incinerate them, as fire is the only way to and truly kill a vampire.

The vampires in this story, Will and Liz, are twins and lead a very difficult life indeed. A father that won't let go, a girl who falls deeply in love with Will, Liz is love struck for a teenage boy in her class, and when evil threatens the town the twins inhabit, there's nothing anybody can do.

The End

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