Forbidden Love

Alay Monae just moved into New England leaving all her friends, family and even her elementary boyfriend. Everythings starts off hurible intell she meets Shadow Shalven, a junior at her new school. Alay has to decide if she will live her future or stay in the pass.

  Chapter 1

I hate my life. I'm getting tire of my mother making big decisions without me. She's been doing this ever since my father died. I live in Philadelphia with my mother and little brother Timothy. I lived here since I was seven. I go to Waltson Academy. It's close to the end of my freshman year. I only have two more days before I'm out of school. My best friends Taylor and Yasmine already had are whole summer planned out. Going to the beach, going to summer camp and hanging out with are boyfriends of course. Well are plans are going to change now sinse I just heard the worst news ever. I'm moving in exactly twelve days, which leaves us with just ten free days. And that's not including me packing up my clothes and our furniture. This has really turned out as the worst day ever. I soo hate my school. 

The End

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