Forbidden LoveMature

Ever wished you never met someone? Just for one sweet second considered how different life would be without their intense beauty and complete being beside you? Your life would be sweeter maybe or nondescript? Unimaginable depths of passion never  to have evolved and invaded your very being?Then as soon as it happens you punish yourself for that thought. 

Severe pain tears your broken heart, ripping it so far apart you belive you will die, but it was all worth it.  For those  sweet moments of  divine pleasure, falling deeply into his eyes believing you are the only one, his angel, his love, those memories will last a lifetime.

They cancel out the pain, the endless nights and days which roll into one,sobbing, crying tears until there are no more. But still I feel love, desire and miss the one true person who taught me to love, feel emotion and express desire. Extreme emotions unknown till that day.Love at first sight exists although I no longer believe in fairy tales. My knight came and went with the dawn,, into another life, of his choice, leaving me slowly dying inside,,,,,

I know he will never be mine, he is hers' but to choose again? I would suffer all the despair to feel his arms envelope me, hear his words adore me, see his eyes love me and feel his warm breath at my side while he sleeps.

The End

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