After I'm sure she left I climb down the tree. The only sound is the crunching of leaves as I walk on them. I keep looking over my shoulder in case the red headed girl came back deciding she wanted revenge for shooting her with an arrow. " Where have you been?" My mother says as come in. "Walking." I tell her not sure if I should bring up the rebel girl.  She sighs and sets down a bowl of cold stew.  I was the only girl in my family I had three brothers.   "When is are the boys coming home?" Mom mutters looking out the window. I finish my bowl of stew and hand mom the bowl. "I worry about you guys you know. You the most. Young women should not  be out this late at night. Especially with the rebel attacks lately." She scolds me. "I'll be careful. I'm fine mom." I reason. Before she answers the boys walk in. 

"Hey mom." Manny says as he comes into the kitchen. Dad, Jack, and Toby trailing behind him. "Hello Honey." Dad says pecking moms cheek. "You are late." Mom glares at him. The kitchen grows silent. " There was a lot of work to be done. But we got most of it done tonight." Toby speaks up after a while. Mom shoots him a look. I laugh.  So does Jack. Toby glares at both of us. I smile sweetly. Toby rolls his eyes and looks back at mom. "What about princess was she late too? Someone told me she was exploring the woods." Toby tells her. Dad's eyes widen. "You know your not supposed to go into the woods without me or your brothers. It's dangerous." Dad snaps at me. "I can be careful. I know how to protect myself." I say defensively. "But your a girl." Manny points out. "Anything else you wanna point out that's obvious?" I yell at him. "Enough! Your not allowed to go into the woods and that's final." Dad says and walks out of the kitchen.

The End

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