I climbed the tree trying to find a branch high enough to scan the forest. I finally stopped at a branch high enough. Nothing was here except small animals scurrying about. No rebels to hide from. I look up at the sky between the cracks between branch and leaf. The night sky was beautiful tonight. Crunch! The sound of leaves crunching makes me look down. Nothing. My heart thumps against my chest. I look around. Still no one. I shiver the night breeze suddenly making me cold. "Boo." A voice says in my ear. I jump almost falling off the branch. I look to see a girl with bright red hair pointing a arrow at my chest. "Scared that at a flick of my wrist I can kill you with one arrow." The girl laughs at me. I silently curse myself for not bringing weapons thinking I'd be safe above ground. "I could just as easily kill you." I tell her. She lowers her arrow looking confused. This was my chance I grabbed the bow and arrow and pointed it at her. She gasps surprised. "Kill me then." She says recovering. I bring the bow back and shoot. It misses and hits the tree plunging into her arm. "Ow." She crys clutching her arm. She pulls out the arrow leaving  a huge gash in her arm. I accidentally drop the arrow. I watch fall on the ground. She climbs down a branch and looks back at me. "I like you. I'm sage." She says and climbs the rest of the way down with one arm. With a final look at me she walks away.

The End

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