Chapter 5

Nemu stood at the door of her house. She could hear the television blaring from the living room; probably her dad watching his favorite show. He was oblivious to what had happened at the camp, and it was Nemu’s job to tell him. To tell him that his oldest daughter was missing, and no one knew what happened.


Noah offered to tell him for the girl, but she denied. It was something she had to do, as much as Nemu disliked it. Besides, Noah really wanted to follow Scarlett to the police station and see if they had anything new.


The front door creaked open slowly. Nemu did not realize the television had been turned off a minute ago. Looking up through her tears, the sad little girl gazed at the tall man before her. The sight caused Nemu to burst into tears, too heartbroken to even try and explain what happened. The tall man seemed to understand, and pulled his daughter into a comforting hug.


He waited patiently as she let loose everything that had been hiding behind anger and hope. Anger at the detective for treating her like a kid, hope that Rayen would be waiting at home when they got back, no matter how little the chances. Now, Nemu’s hope was shattered and she had nothing else to be mad at.


“Nemu, honey, what happened? Where is your sister?” When Nemu did not answer immediately, he felt a sinking dread in his chest. “Nemu, I need you to try and answer me. What happened to your sister?”


Nemu struggled to get a hold of herself. “I don’t know. She just went missing last night, and didn’t come back. A detective came to find out what happened, but she wouldn’t tell me anything. Noah and Scarlett are at the police station now to see if they can learn anything.” As she finished talking, Noah’s car pulled up to the front door.


“Nemu said Rayen went missing. Did you find anything out?”


Noah shook his head, glaring bitterly at the ground. “No, they are being difficult. Scarlett is trying to see if she can weed something out of them. I came back to check on Nemu and make sure you knew what was happening.”


Mr. Danford turned his head to the stairs behind him. Nemu had run up the stairs as Noah made it to the door. “She is doing as fine as she can, considering. She told me what happened. If you find anything else, you be sure to tell me, alright? I will do the same for you and Scarlett. I am sure Rayen has your numbers written somewhere. She was always paranoid.”  Mr. Danford paused and took a deep breathe. “Or so I thought, maybe she had a reason to be paranoid after all.”


Noah sniffed and wiped at his eyes. “Yes, sir. I will be sure to tell you if anything comes up. I am going home know. I will call Scarlett later and see if she found anything. Goodbye, sir.” Noah walked out of the door. As he reached for the handle of his car door, he looked up at Nemu’s window. She sat on her bed, reading a book.


“She is trying to act as if nothing is happening as well. Maybe that is human nature. To block that which we cannot control, cannot change.”




Scarlett could almost feel her hair cracking with angry electricity. The woman that had scurried to the other side of the room a few moments ago sure could. She had been here for thirty minutes, trying to learn anything about Rayen. The stupid officer that she was talking to refused to say anything.


“I am sorry Miss, but the rules are I am not allowed to tell the public anyt-“


“I understand that, but I am not the public. I am just a girl who wants to know anything she possibly can about her missing friend. Is something that innocent really against regulations,” Scarlett snarled.


The police officer flinched, just slightly. Scarlett smiled wickedly. “It doesn’t matter the reason, I am not allowed to tell anyone. Now I suggest you leave before I am forced to call security. Scarlett lit her lip harshly to resist giving a sarcastic remark.


“Whatever, then I will speak to a higher authority. Like someone who actually is on the case.” Before the officer could react, Scarlett was walking through the door, heading towards the main offices. She made it halfway into the room before she was grabbed harshly.


“Let go of me you oversized rock. Let me go!” Scarlett struggled, but she could not break free. Angry and tired, she called out in the room. “Oy, the female dog that is working on Rayen Danford’s case, if you aren’t gonna tell me what is going on, you better find her soon, or I will make you go missing too. You got that? You better tell me what is going on soon.” She opened her mouth to say more, but was shoved outside the building roughly.


“Stupid, self-centered, egotistical, pig-like police officers. All I want to know is what they found out about Rayen. Is that really so freaking hard?” Scarlett walked to her house, which was only a few houses away from the police station. She opened the door to her house, only to be surrounded by the smell of burnt food.


Coughing, Scarlett walked into the kitchen, her mother’s notepad rested on top of the toaster. The note was burning from being set upon the warm toaster. Hurrying to put it out, she glanced at the note. There were not many words left, but she could make out a few like ‘pizza’, ‘drive’, and ‘burned dinner’. The same note as always. Her mother was a horrible cook, always forgetting about the food. She would keep trying to make dinner every night, only to end up going to get pizza or burgers.


The acrid smell starting to burn her throat, Scarlett headed up to her room. She slammed the door as her phone started ringing. Hastily, Scarlett threw the clothes that rested neatly on her bed onto the floor searching for the noise. She finally found it, under the dresser.


“Hello,” Scarlett snarled.


“I am guessing you didn’t find anything,” Noah’s tired voice echoed through the phone.


“No, the information is ‘private’. They threw me out before I could talk to anyone.” Scarlett scowled at her window.


“How is that private? All we want to know is if she has been found.”

Scarlett tucked her phone between her ear and cheek. She swung her hands up in the air. “I know. They won’t even let me see the detective that is on the case.” She paused, thinking, “You know, I might be able to find her number in the phone book. What did Nemu say her last name was? Barron? I am going to see what I can find.”


Noah chuckled. “Well I will leave you to that. I have to go and eat dinner anyway. Call me if you find anything.”


“Will do.” Scarlett hung up the phone, lifting up one of her mom’s heavy phone books.

The End

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