Night Raid


         The pack heard Ian’s howls, but before anyone could move the room was filled with smoke. Everyone scrambled about coughing and choking, unable to see anything. Then men filled the room and the sound of gun shots filled the air. Some shifted into wolves and tried to fight. A few of the hunters were killed, but the guns made them deadlier than any wolf there. Then a young man in his early twenties came into the room. He was tall and devilishly handsome, and his physique stated that he was purebred German. He walked calmly over to the pack master and Vittani and stood there in front of them. Vittani cowered and ran, only to be shot dead moments later by one of the men. The pack master stared at the stranger and a challenging snarl escaped his throat. His eyes became the gleaming eyes of a wolf as he shifted. The man still stared at him calmly, not moving at all. Then the pack master charged him and another shot rang out in the silence. The pack master was dead.


            The man moved around the room, inspecting all for life. Even the cubs, who had yet to shift for the first time, were shot dead in their innocent games. The pack was almost completely dead. The man dismissed the shooter walking with him and walked alone to the back of the room where Kadessa lay on the mat. She could smell him as he approached her, the smell of nature clinging to him. She also smelled him; his own unique smell. He smelled young, and he smelled of wolf. Perhaps it was only the smell of the wolves he had killed clinging to him, but she wasn’t certain. When she knew he was only a few feet from her she chanced a glimpse of him.


            When she opened her eyes just a crack, she gasped and shut them tight again. He had been standing there above her, his blue eyes glistening as he stared at her. Had he seen her eyes open that tiny bit? Surely he had, and even now he would be signaling for his shooter to come and dispose of her. She lay there ever so still, imagining that this was the end for her too. As she lay there he didn’t move, so she opened her eyes again. This time she opened them wider, not caring if he saw her this time. He was still standing there, looking at her. She met his blue eyes with a challenge, forcing her eyes to change. She started to growl, but the man silently raised a finger to his lips to quiet her. Shocked, she closed her eyes again. Then she could hear another man coming closer. She didn’t dare open her eyes again to plead silently with this man. Helplessly she just laid there on the mat. Then the second man was there.


            “They’re all dead, sir.” He said.


            “Are you sure? I want no complications.” The blue eyed man asked.


            “All except this one.” He cocked the gun and Kadessa could feel the slightest of breezes as he pointed it at her.


            “No!” the blue eyed man said fiercely. “Leave her.”


            “But…. She’s a witness, and you said you wanted no complications!”


            “Leave her!” he snarled. “She won’t be a complication, I can promise you that.”


            “Ok. You’re the boss here.” He moved the gun away from her and walked away, leaving her alone with the blue eyed man.


            She opened her eyes to look at him. He stood there and held her gaze just as intensely. She shifted her eyes to that of her wolf form, issuing her challenge to him. He merely grinned at her, showing his beautiful white teeth. Offended, she let a low growl escape her throat, audible to him alone.


            “We’ll have none of that, now,” he whispered to her. “But it seems you’re a fighter. That’s a good thing.” He smiled at her and backed away.


            As he walked across the room Kadessa watched him leave. He had strong, lean muscles that rippled with every move he made. She remembered his eyes, how icy and calm they had been.  He had surprised her by not letting the man kill her. But why? Why had he chosen to let her live when he had chosen to have every other wolf killed? The more she thought about it the less she could make sense of any of it.


            Finally all of the men were gone. Kadessa stood up from the mat and began to look around the room. The carnage there sickened her, but what she had to do next was clear. Silently she shifted into her wolf form. She was small, but strong, and her coat was a gleaming snowy white. She padded out into the cool November night. Shortly outside of the door she paused to sniff the air and listen. Once she was sure that none of the hunters remained, she threw her head back and let out a howl. It was a sound to sadden any heart, full of pain and sorrow. Now every pack would know the fate that her pack had suffered. Silently she padded back inside and shifted back to human. Stepping over bodies she made her way back to her mat in the corner of the room. Tonight, she would sleep, and tomorrow the hard work would begin. Tomorrow, she would lay her pack to rest. 

The End

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