Chapter SevenMature


'Jonathan Gray.'

A picture flashed onto the screen before us showing us a teenage boy, probably seventeen or eighteen smiling into the lens. His sandy coloured hair curled around his face and hung to just below his chiselled jawline, framing pale blue eyes and a wide smile. 

'He went missing several years ago, some of you may remember it appearing on the news.' 

A few muted nods echoed the room.

'His sister is the one that contacted us, she believes he's still alive. She saw him the previous night alone in the forest but when she tried approaching him, he disappeared. She keeps getting mysterious phone calls from an anonymous source informing her that he is in danger.' 

'So what are going to do?' Jasmine called out.

'We're going to trace the call and locate her brother.' Garrett smiled at us all. 'Piece of cake.'

'When are we doing this?'

'I'll be going round his sisters house, along with Olivia later on today. I want you all to get as much information on Jonathan as you can, check out his high school, any close friends or any extra activities he may have taken part in, but remember to be subtle, we don't want to raise suspicion.'

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The End

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