Chapter FiveMature

Chapter Five - Olivia


What I needed was a nice, hot bath. My muscles were tired and aching and I stumbled up the stairs in a daze and into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. Turning the taps on, I regarded my reflection in the mirror. The person looking back at me was a ghost of my former self. Gone was the happy, bubbly blue eyed, blonde haired teenager and in her place was a dark, hard-faced stranger. My recently dyed black hair tumbled past my shoulders in waves and cold blue eyes, underlined with dark red circles assessed me, criticizing and mocking. 

I slipped my clothes off and climbed into the bath, letting the hot water soothe me. Closing my eyes, I sunk further into the water and let the warmth coarse through my body. 


I jerked up, dazed and confused. The water was cold and my body felt stiff, like I'd been laying in an uncomfortable position for too long. With a start, I realised I'd fallen asleep.

'Liv!' Someone slammed on the door once more. 'Have you drowned in there?!' 

'Kyra! Sorry, I'll be out in a second!' 

'Hurry up!' 

I climbed out the tub and wrapped a towel around me. I'd never fallen asleep in the bath before, the exhaustion must have finally caught up to me. After letting the water out, I opened the bathroom door and walked straight into Garrett.

'Olivia! Oh,' he quickly averted his gaze. I tugged my towel tighter round my body, suddenly feeling very self conscious.

'Sorry! I was on my way to my room.' 

'That's okay,' I kept my voice steady as I inched my way past him in the narrow hallway. Our arms brushed and my cheeks flamed red. 

'Goodnight,' he smiled before heading into his room, with me staring after him.

‘Finally!’ Kyra called enthusiastically, appearing out of nowhere making me jump.

‘Sorry,’ I mumbled, heading for my own room. I wasn’t in the mood for Kyra’s happiness; I just wanted to be by myself.

Even though I was incredibly tired, I didn’t manage to get to sleep until gone two in the morning. I had too much on my mind, Garrett being the main topic. I hated how invisible I was to him, it made me feel small and insignificant, like I didn’t really matter. He didn’t even give me a second glance and yet I was so hung up on him it was unbelievable. It baffled me how I could be so bothered about it after everything that had happened. My parent’s death proved that other things were just so trivial and pointless it wasn’t worth thinking about, and yet here I was obsessing over a guy much too old for me.

The morning was worse. I didn’t wake up until half past eleven and even then I was yawning. I headed downstairs in my dressing gown, not bothering to change. I was just pouring myself some Cheerio’s when someone’s voice sounded from right behind me, causing me to spill half the contents on the floor.

‘You’re looking rough, no offense.’ Jasmine smiled at me.

Jasmine and I never really met eye to eye. I always felt that she disliked me and I was so used to not making an effort with people who didn’t return the favour that I just never really cared much for Jasmine.

‘Well, I have just woken up,’ I informed her, bending down to scoop the Cheerio’s off the floor.

‘Lazy,’ she gave a fake laugh. ‘I’ve been up since six this morning!’

‘Yeah well, some of us like a lie in,’ I tried to keep my tone polite but I was still cranky from the late night I had and failed miserably.  

There were a few seconds of silence before Jasmine bent down next to me and looked me in the eye.

‘He’s never going to go for you Liv.’

My cheeks flamed red but I kept my eyes on the floor as I muttered, ‘What do you mean?’

‘Drop the act. We both know who I’m on about. Garrett? He’s never going to go for you. He’s way too old for you anyway.’

‘Garrett? Why would you say that?’ my voice was too high.

She laughed once again. ‘To him, you’re just a kid. I’d quit now before you get hurt.’ With that, she stood up and left me.

Great. I could tell already this day was going to be rubbish.

The End

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