Chapter FourMature


Chapter Four - Damien

‘Tyler?!’ I spluttered in disbelief.

‘Hello Damien,’ he smiled. ‘How’ve you been?’

I shook my head. ‘I…I killed you…’

‘Well, you tried to.’ He laughed. It was a strange sound, devoid of emotion and it sent chills down my spine. This wasn’t the Tyler I remembered. This wasn’t my best friend. This was a stranger.

‘No,’ I shook my head again, refusing to believe him. ‘You died. I was there. I went to your funeral…’

‘How sweet,’ his eyes flashed. ‘But I didn’t die. I have Matt to thank for that.’ Right on cue, the door opened and someone took the seat next to Tyler. The light from the street lamp shone through the window and cast shadows across his face, making him look ten times more sinister. He assessed me with dark eyes and a malicious smirk.

‘Damien.’ The strangers’ voice was empty.

‘What’s going on…?’ I whispered, edging towards the back of the van.

‘I’ll tell you what’s going on.’ Tyler dropped the friendly façade and glared at me. ‘I want revenge, you bastard.’

‘Revenge?’ I blinked, not really processing anything he was saying.

‘I’m going to make your life miserable.’ Without another word, he climbed out of his seat and started towards me. I was frozen to the spot, not out of fear but simply because I couldn’t move. My muscles refused to work.

He grabbed my arms and pinned them roughly behind my back. I tried struggling out of his hold but he didn’t budge.

Matt moved towards me and chuckled sadistically.

‘You sure you want this Tyler? He means nothing to me, but I’m guessing you two were friends.’

When Tyler spoke, his tone was final and adamant: ‘He means nothing to me. Do it.’

I don’t really remember a great deal after that. My memory’s pretty sketchy in those next few moments. I just remember a great deal of pain, pain that made me wish I was dead just so it would be over...

When I woke up, I was no longer in the van; I was lying on someone’s bed. The curtains were drawn and the door was shut, blocking off any light. Someone was sat in the corner of the room on a chair. They stood up when they noticed I was awake and as they approached me I saw it was Tyler.

‘Damien, you’re awake. I didn’t think you’d make it.’

‘What’s going on?’ I choked in a raspy voice. My neck was on fire, it felt like someone had got a knife and plunged it deep into my flesh. I brought my fingers to locate the source of the pain and they ran over something rigid. The pain flared when I touched it.

‘What did you do to me?’

He didn’t answer me, he just crossed the room, pulled the door open and dragged something inside. To my horror, I saw a girl roughly my age looking bruised and dishevelled. A piece of fabric was tied round her mouth and her hands were bound behind her back.

‘What are you doing?’ I gasped in horror.

‘She’s for you,’ he smiled. Picking her up easily, he placed her on the bed at my feet. He grabbed her hair and pulled it away from her neck.

‘Enjoy,’ he said, before leaving the room. I didn’t waste any time in freeing her.

‘Don’t worry; I’ll get you out of here.’ I pulled the cloth away from her mouth and she cried out. Tears were streaming down her face and she tried her best to wriggle away. She looked genuinely terrified, not of the situation she was in, but of me.

‘Hey, I’m not going to hurt you. What’ your name?’ I tried my best comforting her.

'M-Marie,' she stuttered through trembling lips.

'Marie,' I smiled. 'I'm Damien. You don't need to be afraid of me.' 

'T-the others. They're...faces. What are they?' 

'What do you mean?' I replied, confused. 

 'They're not human,' she whispered, shaking her head. 'They...have fangs and...' her eyes grew wide with horror and she scrambled backwards, off the bed. She started running for the door when something inside me told me to stop her. It was almost like an instinct. 

I crossed the room with speed I didn't even know I possessed, blocking her pathway. This red hot burning desire tore through me and I found myself fixated on her smooth, bare neck. Pain ripped through my jaw and I cried out loud. 

Without thinking, I grabbed her by the shoulders, let out a feral growl and tore into her throat. She screamed out loud but that didn't stop me. The warm liquid poured into my mouth and I moaned in pleasure. It was like nothing I'd ever tasted. It was sweet, nourishing. It was bliss. 

The End

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