Chapter ThreeMature

Chapter Three - Olivia

I remembered every single detail about that night. The unbearable pain and loss I experienced, it felt like someone had ripped a hole out of my chest and left my heart aching and bruised. Nothing mattered after that. Everything had become pointless and trivial.

I still miss them to this very day; it still aches every time I think of their smiling faces and their caring nature. But one thing I’ve learnt in the year that has passed is how to look after myself. I’m no longer the frightened girl who lost her parents to bloodthirsty killers, I am strong. I am capable. I am vengeful.

 *                *                *

‘There he is,’ Kyra whispered beside me and I instantly became alert. My eyes scanned the darkness, and sure enough the figure we were stalking was only a few yards away, searching through a bin.

‘What’s he doing?’ I whispered back, disgust colouring my tone.

‘He’s probably trying to find rats, or leftover bits of meat.’

‘That’s disgusting.’

‘Yeah, but it’s better than a live human right?’

She had a point.

‘Come on,’ she urged, crouching low and lurking towards the figure. I clutched the weapon tightly in my hand and began to follow her. I didn't dare make a noise, so as not to disturb the creature. One major disadvantage for us was their preternatural senses; it meant the slightest sound could inform it of our whereabouts. I was worried that it would be able to hear the frantic beating of my heart against my chest, but it kept its head hunched over the bin not paying us any attention.

Kyra angled her head towards me and nodded. I raised my arm with the weapon attached and slowly pulled the trigger. The arrow was fast, but the creature was faster.

Turning round at the last minute, it caught the arrow and let out a fierce snarl. 

I told myself that no matter how normal he looked, he was far from it. His icy blue eyes flashed menacingly.

'That was a very stupid thing to do,' he started making his way towards us when something caused him to falter in his steps. His eyes bulged and he let out a choked gasp before he disintegrated into ash and fell to the floor.

Garrett was stood behind him, clutching a wooden stake.

'Impeccable timing,' I smiled. 

He smiled back, a heartbreakingly handsome smile and I felt my heart flutter and a blush slowly creep up to my cheeks.

'Are you okay Liv? You're looking slightly...flushed,' Kyra's eyes were amused and her tone was mocking. 

'Yeah I'm fine,' I laughed. 'Just...near death experiences do this to you.' 

'We should get back to the others,' Garrett told us. 'They'll be wondering where we are.' 

We followed him to a car parked nearby and piled inside. Kyra sat in the back and me in the front with Garrett. I became all too aware of how close I was to him, how our arms were inches apart. I could just shift slightly and I'd brush my skin against his...

He pulled his arm away and started the engine, completely oblivious to my thoughts. I sighed and turned my gaze to the night sky. I wasn't overly clear on when I'd started developing feelings for Garrett. He was just so...good to me after my parents death. He constantly checked on me, making sure I was okay and I wasn't feeling...suicidal. Oh believe me, I did at one point. That was an extremely low point of my life, he helped me through that as well. Then one day, I just saw him in a new light. From this new perspective, I saw him as handsome, caring, strong, capable. I fell for him.

But I know he'll never return my feelings. He's a good five years older than me for one, I'm just a child to him; he wouldn't take my feelings seriously. He'd laugh it off and joke about it with the others, thinking it was just a silly teenage crush. I heaved another long, heartfelt sigh and focussed on the bright white stars twinkling in the inky night sky without a care in the world. Oh how I envied them.


The End

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