Character Bios:
Name: Olivia Summers
Age: 16
Description: Long black hair, comes to mid back in natural waves, golden highlights, dark blue eyes, pale complexion, stands at 5 foot 6, slender.
Personality: Was very outgoing before her parents died, now described as being a bit of an introvert, keeps to herself mostly although she does try and make an effort. Has a thing for Garrett.
Name: Damien Wolfe
Age: 17
Description: Tall, jet black hair, cuts across his forehead, stylishly messy mo

Chapter One - Olivia

Something smashed downstairs.

Folding the page corner of my book over, I set it down and glanced at the alarm clock which informed me it was a little after two in the morning. Everybody else in the house was asleep, which left me alone to check it out.

Peeling the duvet back, I gently set one foot down trying not to disturb the others with my creaky floorboards and reached for my dressing gown which was hung up on the door.

It was much colder downstairs and I tugged my gown tighter round my body. Reaching out blindly into the darkness, my fingers connected with the light switch. Flicking it on, the room was flooded with light and I screamed out loud at the scene before me.

Two figures dressed in black robes were hunched over something in the middle of the floor. What looked like blood was splattered all up the walls and the carpet was soaked with it. It looked like something from a horror movie. One of the figures turned towards me and I saw what they were hunched over: a body.

For one long terrifying moment, I was rooted to the spot out of nothing but pure and utter fear before something clicked in me and I whirled round running back up the stairs. The hooded figures were quicker though and one of them grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards sharply. Letting out a cry, I tumbled backwards and hit the ground with a sharp thud. Pain reverberated through my head and my vision swam in and out of focus. The last thing I saw before darkness descended on me was the figures creeping up the stairs, into my parent’s room.


White walls. White sheets. The burning smell of disinfectant. My head throbbed and my vision blurred. Nothing was clear. Unconsciousness was peaceful. I preferred that. Shutting my eyes once again, I let the darkness take over me and hoped the pain would soon go away.


‘Olivia?’ someone’s voice broke through my unconsciousness. I could feel myself frown and heard a relieved sigh.

‘I think she’s waking up.’ A male voice.

‘We should let her rest, she’s been through a lot,’ a panicked, younger voice. ‘We don’t want to overwhelm her.’

I opened my eyes to tell them all to shut up, but my throat was dry and words wouldn’t come. That wasn’t the only thing that stopped me though. They were all strangers.

‘Here,’ one of them handed me a glass of water. It felt like sandpaper to swallow it but it cleared my throat a little.

‘Thanks,’ I whispered. ‘Who are you all?’

‘I’m Garrett,’ the male introduced himself. He was tall and lean, with ash blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. ‘This is Kyra.’ He gestured to the younger one. She reminded me a little bit of a baby deer, all big brown eyes and masses of dark hair. ‘And that’s Jasmine and Mike.’ The last two were twins, both with bright red hair and soft green eyes.

‘That’s nice…but what are you doing here?’

There was a moment’s hesitation as Garrett seemed to choose his words carefully.

‘We’ve come to…take you away.’

His words didn’t sink in straight away. It didn’t make any sense. And where the hell were my parents?

The only word I could manage was: ‘What?’

‘You’re not safe here,’ Kyra urged.

‘Right, where are my parents?’

Everyone's facial expressions changed into one of sympathy. 

‘Olivia,’ Garrett’s voice was soft. ‘I’m sorry but, they were killed.’

The End

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