I am at school and it is time for English, the class I have with Lizzie. I am looking forward to this class. Now that I truly see Lizzie, I like her. Not like friendship wise but really like her, she is smart, I like a girl who isn’t an airhead and only cares about her looks or everybody knowing who she is.

“Tick tock, tick tock,” I hear Theo’s voice say.

I look in the back of the class where Lizzie is; Theo tormenting Lizzie.

“Hey Theo,” I call to get his attention to me and away from Lizzie; she doesn’t need it right now.

 “What up Scotty?”

“Come here I gotta tell you something.”

Theo walks over to where I am.

“Did you hear?” I ask.

“Hear what?”

“Kyle Teller got Macy Ashford pregnant,” I lie.

“No way,” he says.

“Yea, I just heard it from Lilly Milne.” I lie, I am lucky that Lilly Milne is the gossiper of the school.

“No way, I have to tell Nathan,” he gets excited like I knew he would.

I wink at Lizzie after Theo skips to the front of the classroom.

The bell rings and class starts, Mrs. Westmore writes The Scarlet Letter on the board. That is one of the best Nathaniel Hawthorne books.

I look to the back of the class and sneak a brief stare at Lizzie. Our eyes make contact and she smiles, a real smile not a fake one like she usually puts on her face; this one isn’t a mask. While Mrs. Westmore is talking I unfold the poem Lizzie left in my car yesterday. I take a piece of paper and write a note to slip along with her poem into her locker. The bell rings and Lizzie is the first one out of the room.

I stealthily follow her; I found out that Lizzie’s locker is right next to Madison’s. I must have not noticed, I have been hanging by her locker for years. I slip the note in her locker after she has already walked half way down the hall.

I am able to put the note in her locker without being noticed. I get to math just in time for the warning bell to ring. I sit in the middle of the second row of the square of desks; Madison grabs a seat right next to me.

“Hi honey,” she bats her eyes.

“Madison we are not together anymore, you can’t call me ‘Honey’,” I tell her.

She tries the “sit on the lap” tactic.

“Come on Scotty you know you want me,” she lies on my desk.

“No Mads, get off my desk and away from me,” I gently nudge her off my desk.

Madison turns on the water works so it makes me look like a bad guy; she always does this when she doesn’t get her way. McKenzie Hancock comes over; she is Madison’s best friend.

“Mads, what’s wrong?” McKenzie asks.

“Scott pushed me,” she lies.

“Let me talk to him,” McKenzie says, giving her a side hug.

Before Madison turns to leave she gives a sinister smile.

“I know what you did yesterday,” McKenzie whispers when Madison is out of ear shot.

“What do you mean?” I get scared, she might tell Madison and then all hell will break loose.

“I know that you took that Lizzie home.”

“Are you going to tell the school,” acting like I care.

“No, that was you being your true self, I respect that.”

“Thank you,” I gratefully say.

She starts to turn around.

“Kenzie,” I grab her wrist to make her stop.

She twists back around.

“What’s up?”

“Why didn’t you make fun of Lizzie just now?”

“Because, I know her; she was my best friend when I was a kid.”

“Okay, so you won’t be on her ass like everyone else.”

“Nope, and relax your secret will be safe with me. Not even Madison will know.”

“Thanks,” I smile.

She winks before she walks away to join Madison in left front corner of the desks, McKenzie always gets the front corner and Madison is behind her. Even though Madison is really popular she doesn’t like sitting in front.

I take a deep breath before Ms. Harper starts the class with a math problem, as always. It’s really hard, even for a math whiz like me, but I try my best.

I see a student running down the hallway through the rectangle window on the door.

I hear deep rapid breathing, I look up and see McKenzie sweating and she is whiter than a polar bear.

“Ms. Harper,” I raise my hand.

“Yes, Scott?”

“McKenzie is having a hypoglycemic attack, she needs to go to the nurse,” I say.

“Ok, can you take her Scott?”

“Sure,” I get up from my desk over to McKenzie’s desk as soon as I can before she passes out, “Come on Kenzie, I have a granola bar in my locker.”

“Thank you Scott,” Ms. Harper expresses her gratitude.

I put my right thumb up as a ‘you’re welcome’ while I hold McKenzie up in my left arm.

I get McKenzie to my locker and grab a special K granola bar, “Here,” I hand her the granola bar.

“Thanks,” she says when her body relaxes enough for her to move, “Take me to Maya then go help Lizzie, she is going to be in the library. I’m worried about her. Please let only her know that.”

“So I was right?”

“Yes, she was the one who ran through the hall.”

McKenzie and I travel through the maze of that is this school to the nurse. We walk in the door.

“Hi Maya,” McKenzie says as the door squeaks behind us.

“Hi McKenzie, what’s up?”

“I need my glucose tablets. I had an attack in math class today.”

“I am gonna head back to class,” I say.

“Ok, thanks cuz,” McKenzie says.

I walk out of the nurse’s office and do a quick look to make sure there are no teachers. When I know I am safe I dash to the library.

I get into the library and I hear whimpering coming from the back, by the fiction.

I see a girl reading “The Raven” by Poe.


“Oh, hi Scott, how did you find me?”

“McKenzie told me where you would be.”


I see her eyes start to stream a river of tears.

“What’s wrong?” I ask sliding my back down the wall where she is sitting.

She wipes her eyes, “Nothing.”

“Lizzie, I know that’s a lie.”

“Why do you care?”

“Because I can see the pain in your eyes, McKenzie is worried about you; I am too.”

“I get why McKenzie would be worried, but why you?”

I sigh, “Lizzie, I wear a mask in front of the basketball team, when I see someone in sadness I take off the mask and listen.”

I scoot closer, she takes a deep breath and I listen to her story.

The End

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