Chapter SixMature

Thomas hurried into the half-way house, he had been telling the truth when he told Lucy that he liked her. In did, in a lot. He liked the way Lucy smiled, he liked the sound of her voice, and he liked to hear her laugh. In whole Thomas just liked being around Lucy.  And that scared him.

Thomas rushed straight to his bedroom and closed the door behind him. He hoped Steve wouldn't come find him. He couldn't really cope if Steve decided to teach him another lesson to help him. He just wanted to curl up and forget the world existed.

Thomas tucked himself in a ball under his blanket and let his tears slide down his face. He didn't know what he should do about his feelings or what he was suppose to do. He had never felt this way about anyone before, especially not someone like Lucy.  He didn't know what he was doing any more. It was all so new and frighting to him.

Lucy made her way into work the next day, half in a daze. She hadn't slept much the night before; Lucy was up most of the night thinking about Thomas. Her hair was in disarray and pulled into a scuffy ponytail. Her face was bare other then her pink lipgloss she had quickly done before leaving for work. 

"Hey Luce." Marie, her work colleague and friend said.

"Hey Marie. What's the states?" Lucy asked.

"New patient. Suicide attempt. Needs full supervision, has a history of it. Records show he's very emotionally and mentally unstable, just came out of a mental hospital and is currently in the care of a half-way home." Marie informed her and passed her the large medical file. 

"Wow." Lucy said and took the file. It was very rare they ever came accross files this large, she couldn't carry this around with her. She would need to read and memorize all the important key notes. Forgetting an important detail could mean the difference between life and death, that was one of the first things Lucy had been taught in Nursing School.

"Yeah, poor thing. I've only skimmed it but from what I've read the guy's been though Hell. Its like something out of a horror film. No wonder his mental state has crumbled if you know what I mean, I think mine would with just half that file." Marie said.

"Oh Gosh, that bad? Give Brad two of my cancer patients for me." Lucy said.

"Sure Lucy, you taking him under your wing?" Marie asked.

"The system has failed him if he's here while under care of a half-way home. I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen, this poor guy clearly needs some help. Just look at this." Lucy said and indicated to the file in her hand. 

"I know, I guess some people just slip though the cracks. Its not nice and its not acceptable and we damn it need more funding for our mental health patients so this doesn't happen but you know what? We have nurses like you, nurses who go beyond the call of duty who would pay the medical bills herself if she has too." Marie informed her friend and one of the few reasons Marie hadn't lost faith in the medical service. 

"Thanks Marie, that means a lot." Lucy said and quickly kissed the other woman on the cheek. 

"I'll catch you and Brad for lunch later." Lucy said and made her way to the private room on the ward. The file had read Thomas Blake. Lucy knew it was a long shoot but she wondered if it was her Thomas. Lucy had suspected that something dark and tragic had happened in Thomas' life but was it was as dark and tragic as this file in her hands? 

"Hello, I'm Nurse Lucy Stark. I'll be your nurse Mr. Blake, is there anything I can get you?" Lucy asked. She looked at the timid man in the hospital bed before here, it was indeed her Thomas. 

" said you were a nurse." Thomas mumbled quietly.

"If you want I can give your case to someone else. I understand given our encounters that this might be uncomfortable for you." Lucy said trying to be professional. 

"No....No....its okay.....seeing a familiar face is nice." Thomas mumbled. 

"That's good, well I haven't had time to read your file myself or speak to your doctor but I understand you have a history of self harm?" Lucy asked. 

"Y-y-yeah." Thomas mumbled and looked down at the ground feeling ashamed.

"Its alright, I'm just here to help. Are you any pain? I can up the meds if you are." Lucy said.

"N-no m'fine." Thomas mumbled.

"You sure you don't want a drink or anything?" Lucy asked.

"N-no. M'fine thank you." Thomas mumbled.

Thomas made his way to the bathroom, his legs felt like jelly. Steve had just left him after teaching him another lesson with a promise to give him award for all his progress and good behaviour. Thomas didn't want another reward. He felt sick and horrible. 

He reached the razor blade he had hidden under the sink. He had promised himself that he would never use it again but it just wanted it all to be over. 

Thomas placed the razor blade to his wrist and draw it across his skin. The red liquid poured out of his wrist and over his skin. Thomas then brought his razor blade to his other wrist and slide it across his skin letting his blood pour out of his ski.

Thomas sat very quietly as Lucy cleaned the cuts on his wrists and gave him flesh bandages. 

"There we go." Lucy said with a smile. 

"Th-thanks." Thomas mumbled and give a small smile.

"Is there anyone you want me to call? Any family?" Lucy asked.

"N-no." Thomas said. Lucy remembered that time in the park, Thomas had also said no then. Lucy wondered if Thomas even had any family he could turn to. It seemed like a cruel fate that given all his medical health history that he had no family support either. 

"Okay, let me know if there is anyone you want me call or if you need anything. I'll be back in a few to check on you okay." Lucy said.

"O-okay, thank you." Thomas mumbled. 

The End

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