Chapter FiveMature

One week had gone by, Thomas had avoided Lucy since. He didn't want to. He stopped going to the park and walked in the opposite direction now, he didn't know why he couldn't bring himself to be near Lucy. Not right now. 

Steve's lessons had become more and more frightening, Thomas tried his hardest not to care or mind but he dreaded every time Steve "helped him".  Thomas spent more and more of his time in the living room and kitchen, hoping to avoid alone time with Steve. If he was with the others Steve didn't teach him no lessons. 

Thomas curled up his bed, it was ten o'clock, the living room cut off time. Thomas knew he couldn't put off going to his bedroom any longer. He laid down and tired to sleep when he heard his door creek open. Thomas held his breathe as footsteps softly approached his bed. 

"Hey Thomas." Steve whispered and knelt down by the bed. Thomas kept his eyes closed and hoped that Steve leave if he thought he was sleeping. Steve run his hand though Thomas hair and gently slipped in the blanket. Thomas' breathe hitched as he felt arms on him.

"Hey Thomas I'm really proud of you." Steve said and let his hand slide down inside Thomas' tracksuit bottoms. Thomas tensed up and opened his eyes, pretending to wake up.

"Can't our lessons wait till morning?" Thomas mumbled.

"I'm not here for a lesson, I'm here to give you a reward." Steve said and kissed Thomas' on the cheek. 

"F-for what?" Thomas asked.

"You've been doing so well spending so much time with everyone, you've done so well." Steve said and pressed his lips against Thomas'. Thomas gasped in shock and froze. He could feel Steve lowering his bottoms and boxers, exposing him from the waist down. Thomas grew scared, he had a feeling that he wouldn't like Steve's idea of a reward. It reminded him too much of Steve's lessons.

"St-Steve." Thomas whimpered. "Pl-plea-please." 

"Ssssssssssh." Steve said and starting stroking Thomas' hair. "You'll enjoy this I promise, for being such a brave good boy." Steve gently spread Thomas' legs apart and crawled into the space between them. 

"I....I don't need a reward." Thomas said in a small voice. 

"Look at you all shy. You should be proud of yourself." Steve said and slowly took Thomas' penis in his mouth and started to lick up and down the shaft and over the head. Thomas shook and cried, he knew Steve was wrong and he won't enjoy it. He felt Steve's wet mouth slide down his penis, sucking him hard like he was an orange. 

"What....what do you want me to do?" Thomas asked and looked down at the floor. He could felt the man advance on him and tug down his boxers. Thomas lift his legs once they pooled at his ankles.

"Lay down on your back." the man breathed into his ear. Thomas let the tears freely fall and did as he was told. He felt his legs being spread apart and the man crawl between them. 

"So beautiful." the man breathed and ran his fingers over the naked twelve year old's body. Thomas trembled under his touch, he felt the hot wet mouth fall over his penis and he shock and cried hoping for it to be over soon.

Thomas laid their crying under the man as he was being sucked like an orange when after what seemed like a life time the man pulled away.

"Good boy." he said and feed the crying boy sweets.

Thomas was crying hysterically when he felt Steve finally pull off his penis. 

"See? You enjoyed that didn't you? I'm so proud of you Thomas." Steve said like he was talking to a small child. He pressed another kiss to Thomas' lips, ignoring the fact that he was crying.

"Yes Steve." Thomas said in a small voice. He felt Steve pull up his tracksuit bottoms and then lay down very close to him. Pressing soft kisses over his face and neck. Thomas closed his eyes upset. His first thought was Lucy. He could see her blonde hair, smell her soapy smell, and hear her joyful laugh. Thomas bit his lip and imaged her. 

Thomas still didn't want her help though. He was scared her kind of help would be like Steve's, he couldn't cope if they both started. He could barely cope with Steve's lessons and now he's rewards.

Thomas didn't stop crying until he felt Steve lift off him and leave the room. 

It was a whole two days after Steve's first reward that Thomas saw Lucy again. He had stopped into the store to buy some food when he saw her picked up some pasta. 

"H-hi." Thomas said and froze.

"Thomas, its really good to see you again. I've been worried." Lucy said.

"I'm fine." Thomas mumbled quietly.

"That's good, really good." Lucy said.

"I um.....I have to go." Thomas mumbled.

"You sure? Hey, why don't I help you shop? I still have tons of things I need to get anyway." Lucy said.

"I'm only grabbing one thing." Thomas mumbled.

"Thomas do you even like me? I would like to just know please." Lucy said. 

"I do." Thomas said truthfully. 

"Then why do you keep avoiding me? Why do you keep running away?" Lucy asked.

"I....I'm sorry." Thomas said and felt a tear run down his face. 

"Thomas." Lucy started, but Thomas ran out of the store. He didn't why he was running away from Lucy. All he wanted to do was cry to Lucy and have her make it better. But he knew that wouldn't happen. That was never how it happened.

Lucy would take care of him in a way he really didn't want, that's just how it was between people. Thomas wasn't sure why he always had a urge to always be around Lucy, it scared him. He wished it wasn't there. 

Lucy stood shocked in the aisle, she wondered what was wrong with Thomas. She was more sure then ever that Thomas had been hurt in the past. She felt mean and bad for confronting him the way she had, and now it was too late to go apologise. She wanted to figure Thomas out, maybe help him if he  needed it. She felt that Thomas needed someone he would trust and Lucy knew she could be that person.

Lucy sighed and continued with her shopping. The image of Thomas with a tear running down his face haunting her mind. She didn't think she would ever forgive herself for making him cry like that, even if it was just one tear. 

Lucy was determined to see Thomas again and apologize to him; and maybe find out what had happened to Thomas in the past.

The End

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