Chapter ThreeMature

"Just....just seeing them reminded me know." Thomas said quietly.

"Thomas, you know isn't an answer. I'm glad you told me but we gotta work on filling the blanks instead of saying you know okay?" Steve said. Thomas didn't answer but nodded hoping that would be okay.

"Back to nodding?" Steve asked. 

"M'sorry." Thomas said.

"Don't be sorry just talk to me." Steve said.

"It hurts you know....when....when your being....being r-r-r....m'sorry I can't." Thomas said upset.

"Its okay." Steve and grabbed at Thomas' balls though his jeans. Thomas closed his eyes and tried to forget everything.

"Thomas, Thomas get here." Callie said as she came in and threw her jacket on the sofa without a second thought. Thomas meekly walked into the living room where his t-shirt and sweats looking more vulnerable with his messy hair and bare feet. 

"Yes Callie?" Thomas asked.

"What took you so long?" Callie asked annoyed and sat down on the sofa and patted the space next to her. Thomas hurried over to the sofa and sat down next to her. 

"Such a good doggie." Callie said in a patronising tone. Thomas didn't like it when Callie treated or referred to him as a dog. He just wanted Callie to love him the way he so dearly loved her. But he knew that was too much to ask, he was as worthless as an animal. As long as he kept earning money for Callie she would love him as that's how he proved his love. 

Callie forced down Thomas's sweats and run her hand up and down his penis, jerking and tugging at it roughly. Callie pinched and flicked at the foreskin and slit enjoying Thomas' humiliation and pain. Thomas closed his eyes and begged himself not to cry knowing that would only make things worse for him.

"My little sex whore." Callie said in a sing song voice not stopping her moments or actions. 

Thomas shook himself and cried. He was laying on his back with his sweats and boxers pulled down to his ankles while Steve continued to masterbate him. He had already been masterbated enough to make him orgasm twice making him feel filthy and betrayed by his only body. Despite this Steve still hadn't stopped.

"I'm helping you Thomas, I'm helping you. You need to be able to say it. I'm helping you." Steve told Thomas as he continued to work his hand up and down Thomas' length. Thomas continued to cry wishing for death or the world to just end. 

"R-r-r...." Thomas cried.

"You need to be able to say it Thomas, you want to get better don't you?" Steve asked like he was again speaking to a small child while he continued to sexually assault Thomas with his hand. Thomas then fell into an orgasmic haze feeling even more betrayed by his body as it responded with Steve's actions. 

"Rape." Thomas cried out in hysterics "It reminded me of when I was raped."

"Good boy Thomas, you made so much progress today. I'm really proud of you." Steve gushed and Thomas couldn't help but feel happy at that. How could he not when thought his life he had always had this urge to please and make his abusers proud of him? For as long as Thomas could remember he had been seeking approval from the very people who had hurt him so brutally. 

"Now get all cleaned up and come down for some dinner." Steve said going back to talking to Thomas like he was a small child. Thomas nodded his head and sat up.

"Yes Steve." Thomas said.

The next day in the park Thomas was walking and trying to come to terms with what Steve had done to him. Steve had assured Thomas that he was helping him, but why did it scare and upset him so much. Would Steve start giving him the same type of examinations as Dr. Greene and Dr. Fuller? Would it actually help him overcome it? Steve had touched Thomas a lot but he had never done anything like that to him before. Would more come? Or would Steve treat him like he did before?

Just while Thomas was trying understand his clear confusion, there sitting on a bench and reading sat his beautiful blonde Lucy. To think of her as his was ridiculous, he knew but he couldn't help it. It was like he was magnetically drawn towards Lucy. He couldn't example it or why it was happening it just was. It was only when Lucy spoke did he realise he had been staring at her.

"Thomas?" Lucy asked. "Its Thomas right?" Thomas found himself unable to speak so he simply nodded. 

"Is everything okay?" Lucy asked with concern in her voice. There was something about him that was different. He reminded her on a solider returning home from the war front even more then before. Thomas again found himself without words and just nodded. 

"Thomas....hey, why don't you sit down?" Lucy asked. Thomas nodded again and sat down on the bench next to Lucy.

"Do you want me to call anyone? Have you taken something?" Lucy asked and scanned his eyes for signs of drug abuse.

"M'sorry....m'sorry....just....just a rough day....m'fine, m'sorry." Thomas mumbled. 

"If your sure, I can help you you know. I'm a nurse." Lucy said.

"M'fine." Thomas repeated. 

The End

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