Chapter TwoMature

It had been a whole week since Thomas had last seen Lucy. A whole week and he still couldn't stop thinking about her. She was in his thoughts every second of every day. There was a small part in Thomas that really wished he could see her again, but another large part was scared of Lucy and how she made him feel. He didn't understand it, any of it.

"Hey Thomas." Steve said with a grin and wrapped his arms around Thomas's waist and pulled him in for a close hug. Thomas didn't move or say a word, pretending Steve's actions didn't upset or bother him. Thomas hoped Steve would leave him alone soon. 

"How's my favourite guy today hm?" Steve asked still holding Thomas in his embrace. 

"O-Okay." Thomas said quietly. 

"That's good Thomas." Steve said into Thomas' ear and kept him in an embrace. Thomas hated it when Steve acted like this to him. He didn't understand or like it, he was too scared to say anything though. Thomas thought this was how normal people acted with each other. 

"Do you like this Thomas?" Steve asked.

"Y-yes." Thomas lied and closed his eyes. He hoped Steve hadn't noticed that.  

Even though he was fourteen Thomas was still scared. He hide when they came home drunk. He hide when they took their drugs. He hide when they wanted to play. But they always found him in the end. 

Thomas was hiding now. He had locked himself in the pantry. Thomas hugged his skinny knees to his chest and let his silent tears fall. No where could hide him for long. He would always be found. He could hear them though the thin walls. They were laughing and talking to someone. A female. He didn't know that voice and that's what scared him the most. Who was she? 

"Please don't let them find me." Thomas muttered faintly to himself while tears continued to slide down his face. He was shaking now, he could hear the footsteps get closer and closer to him. He knew his attempts at hiding where hopeless but he couldn't help but hide and hope every time.

Then the pantry door opened.

"Here he is. Such a pretty boy." the unknown woman said. She was clearly high, he could tell it by his voice. She was a pretty blonde in a black vest, fishnet top and shorts with pointy black boots. She looked a few years older then him, in her early twenties at least. Thomas shook and tried to move away from her. But it was no use. He had been found.

Thomas laid down on his bed quietly. He refused to cry, he had to be brave if he ever wanted to leave this place. And he did want to leave this place. Thomas thought about going for a walk, maybe he would bump into Lucy again. He wasn't sure if he hoped to or if he was scared to. He didn't know how he felt about Lucy. 

"Its okay, I'm sorry to. In my own little world." She said and gave a melodic laugh which Thomas couldn't help but smile too. It was a nice laugh.

"It was my fault." Thomas said a little calmer now. There was something about this girl that was claiming to him. He couldn't quiet decide what it was.

"I'm Lucy." she said with a smile.

"Lucy." Thomas said quietly to himself.

Lucy sat down in the park reading her book. She brushed a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and continued to read. 

"Hey Luce." Sarah, Lucy's friend said.

"Oh, hey Sarah." Lucy said with a smile and put her book down.

"Good book?" Sarah asked and sat down on the bench next to her friend.

"Yeah." Lucy said.

"Still thinking about the street boy?" Sarah asked with a gleam in her eye.

"Yes....I can't help it. I donno, there was just something about him. I'm don't know what but." Lucy said.

"Something." Sarah finished for her friend.

"Yeah, something." Lucy said with a smile. 

"Luce you need to forget about him. Your never going to see him again." Sarah told her friend; it wasn't healthy for Lucy to keep thinking about him.

"I know but, oh Sarah you haven't see him. Or met him. There's something about him; I just have this urge to know him." Lucy explained to her.

"Lucy you sound like a crazy person." Sarah said.

"I know but I can't help it." Lucy said.

Thomas pressed himself firmly in the corner of his room shaking and hugging his knees to his chest. He could feel the tears running down his cheek. He couldn't believe what had happened; he knew it was going start all over again. He had never been more afraid and scared in his life. That was wrong, he knew there was plenty of times as a child where had been afraid and scared. That was just his life. 

Thomas couldn't believe he had been foolish enough to believe that he was finally safe from all that. That everything was okay now. 

"Thomas." Steve said and opened the door. "Thomas are you okay?" Steve walked over to him and knelt down next to Thomas. 

"Thomas can you talk to me?" Steve asked in a tone that suggested he was talking to a small child rather then a fully grown man. Thomas didn't answer but nodded his head hoping that would count. 

"Thomas I know your scared but its okay. I promise; you know you can talk to me don't you?" Steve asked. Thomas nodded again.

"Thomas I just need you to say one thing okay? Can you do that for me?" Steve said.

"Yes Steve." Thomas said in a small voice. "Please I'm okay, I don't wanna go back there." 

"You mean the mental hospital?" Steve asked. Thomas nodded.

"Thomas every time you get scared about something doesn't mean you have to go back. It just means we found something we need to improve okay?" Steve asked. Thomas nodded happier now he had the reassurance. 

"There's a good boy." Steve said encouragingly. "Can you tell me what scared you so much? I can't help unless you tell me."

The End

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