I can see clearly now...

It was so easy to slip away once I put my mind to it... 

I guess you are sleeping, probably tired after cooking your dinner and cleaning up, though I thought I saw the curtain move.  It's so cold out here, I don't like this shed, you know how afraid of spiders I am.  I think the dog is afraid of them too. 

It's funny I keep thinking of my moment of weakness...  I wanted to be a princess, ha!
Never known a princess that slept in a shed, heard of one that slept on a pea, and one that slept in ash just before becoming a princess.  My arm hurts so bad, didn't get a chance to pick up the pain prescription, I was trying to get home before you fell asleep.

The dog is laying close to me, he is warm and it helps just a little.  I need to sleep, but I keep thinking, little thoughts spinning around and around in my head. 

I feel the dog jump, I hear the little growl, it's light now, I guess I fell asleep.  I glance up just as the blow lands on top of my head.  The dog is barking, oh he shouldn't do that.  I hear him yelp as the kick lands in his ribs, a sickening crack makes me wince.

I know I deserve this, but the dog, he was trying to protect me.  I twist  my head around and see him laying there... I wonder is he dead?

I'm not really sure what happened, I just remember being thrown into the kitchen, knocking over the strainer.  The contents spilling onto the floor.  The big butchers knife gleamed up at me.  I remember thinking that I would have to wash them all over again... 

The woman with the far away eyes sits next to me, there is the busy body nurse.  They say I am criminally insane.  They say that only someone insane could have committed this crime.  Did I really stab you over 50 times?  You should not have hurt the dog, he was just trying to protect me.

They say I am insane, they don't understand,  this has been the most enlightened time of my life... I can see it all, I can see clearly now.

The End

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