When I grow up I want to be.....

Panic was setting in, they wouldn't let me go.  I keep trying to tell them how clumsy I am, I smile, I laugh, but I guess I didn't practice hard enough. 

Remember that nurse I mentioned?  I told you, I didn't think she believed me. 

Oh God I know you are so angry with me.  It's all my fault, you told me not to go.  I just felt like I wouldn't be able to please you with my arm hurting the way it does.   

They are back now, the nurse looks like she wants to cry, what a busy body.  I tell them I have to go, they just ignore me. 

I didn't get a chance to cook or clean the blood off the bathroom floor, I'm so sorry.  It pains me to think you may be hungry and that you'll have to clean the mess.

What are they babbling on and on about?   Another woman comes and sits by me, she asks what had I wanted to be when I was a little girl.  The question almost stops my heart.  I look in her eyes and I see something, I see something I have seen many, many times.  A distant memory of time and life gone by and it makes the tears start flowing.  She puts her arms around me and I can't stop crying.

Somewhere between sobs I tell her, When I was a little girl,  I wanted to grow up to be a princess, I wanted my prince to treat me like a princess... that's all.

The End

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