Body Break


“When you look back, I hope you regret treating me that way.” 

I hope the broken expression on my face kills you inside; rips you to pieces, just like you did to my heart. 

You did it so easily, so casually, as if my heart was made of paper and all you had (and needed) was a pair of sharp scissors. Were you hurting her like you hurt me? 

I can’t explain the pain—it choked up my throat, spoiled my thoughts. It was a searing ache that took over my entire body, crippling enough to kill. I don’t know why they call it heartbreak. It feels like every other part of my body is broken too. 

And now the only thing left on my mind is why. Why would you do that to me? Or rather, why would I allow it to happen? Why were we even together in the first place? 

I can say with certainty now (just because I’m bitter), that it wasn’t love. Maybe lust or something. 

I think I wanted to believe it was love: real, true love but how could it possibly be that if you’ll effortlessly go and sleep with someone like you slept with me?

But you know, the thing that hurts me the most isn't saying goodbye to you forever; its knowing we have too many memories together for me to just forget about you.

The End

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