Soft Falling Rain

There had been no reason to cause a scene.  He sat across from me his eyes searching mine.  He couldn't quite grasp the situation, not after the way we had just loved each other, not after the way he had held on to me and I had clung to him, not after the way he had brought tears to my eyes and, the sigh to my lips  because of the intensity.  He had no idea, no idea how much I wanted to cry, scream, shout to the world, he had no clue of the memories that flooded my brain at this moment, the feelings that saturated my insides, that made me sick with my love for him, he had no Clue...   and, that made me feel good.   I listened to the rain falling outside my window... How many times had we walked in the rain?  How many times had we allowed the soft falling rain to accentuate and cool the heated seizures of love that would turn us into a blaze...  How many times?

The song says "Love don't love nobody".  And it doesn't, it shows no mercy and it does not discriminate...  I know the snarling and gnashing teeth of love, I know the deceit... I thought nothing could come between us.  I bet that's what she thought too.

The End

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