Bullying hurts

 So my problems, I used to do a lot of Ice hockey, I practiced everyday but recently I have faced a lot of bullying, most of it has been through the internet. Including some lovely people making a website dedicated to hating me, aren't they nice?

Anyway, People who I thought were my friends have now hated me through face book, twitter, Skype and even the lovely world of Protag. Cyber bullying is horrible; no matter what you do it follows you. I am a bit of a geek and have my sights set on Oxbridge but many of the good colleges use your online history to follow what you did when you were younger, a sort of character evaluation type thing. Well who's going to want someone with this hanging over them.

Bullying has also ruined a really close friendship of mine, I understand why as there was a constant fear of the people hurting me going after her and neither of us wanted that. I guess it was for the best but it still hurt and I miss her so much. Another friend is annoyed at me right now but I don't really know why, she keeps saying I've done all these things but I haven't and it's just childish.

What else, my mum is mad at me for absolutely everything, I can hardly breathe without doing something wrong. I have loads on, including ridiculous amounts of pressure from school which is just making me worry and also my acting. I recently got into the national youth theatre which was just amazing but now I have all that pressure on me and for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to agree to make costumes and act in this performance of lion the witch and the wardrobe, I mean it's great and I'm really happy to be a part of it but I just have no time to do anything anymore. I have seen loads of my friends just to meet up in ages and a lot of them are getting sick of constant excuses.

Also if any of you have read my profile I can't spell bieng, as demonstrated and it just gets annoying. The problem is that doesn't look wrong anymore so I don't change it.

Anyway that's my problems and me slightly destressed. Happy venting everyone!!

The End

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