The Story of Edwin Littleman.

This sucker for punctuation was idolized because of it, this was in the era when nerds were cool.
He was a little porker of a boy, with orange freckles on his milky face.
I was in his gang. We would go to football matches and make a point of sitting there reading War & Peace, ALOUD. Oh how we laughed.
Edwin Littleman was funny looking, which made me look handsome of course.
This is when I discovered boobs were a lot more fun than books.
But not for Edwin, during the end of school he became very unpopular and very uncool, he would stop reading poetry to cheerleaders just to see the bemused look on their faces. He also stopped quizzing the english tutors after school. Eventually him, and his ginger freckles stopped coming to school.
The dinner ladies gossiped about Edwin Littlewood and his poor disadvantage, the school teachers got together and had special ceromonys indicating the importance of  being responsible. I could never understand what they were talking about fully. Perhaps I didn't want to.
There were fundraisers and parties in his favor and my mum often asked, "how's your little friend Edwin Littleman?" in a sympathic tone.
His house went up for sale not long after that.

That summer..

The End

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