For those who love punctuation

Before you stop to take a breath


I can promise you now, it's not worth your time.

You paused didn't you? There was a comma and a full stop and you've already failed. A sucker for punctuation are you?


You've used up my energy and time just to fail at the first hurdle. You're sorry right?
You want to know where this is going? No where. Just let it float like a sponge in your imagination.
This is the first dirty mark on the virgin white page. It is ruined with jibberish, but no one seems to mind. Not even you, punctuation kid.
Don't follow examples, but do learn from others mistakes. Hey, punctuation lover, do you know how hard that is?!

Don't follow the examples of other people, stand out from the crowd.
BUT, almost obviously, learn from other peoples mistakes and problems and where they have gone wrong, become weak vow you will stay strong and level headed.
You wont of course. You're far to concerned with where your going to get your next fix from.
What fix? I hear you cry?
Well you're lapping this up aren't you? With it's question marks, comma's, and full-stops. Look at that, even a hyphen when I didn't even really need to use one!
Get a grip.
Why do I feel the need to ruin this blank pages? To pick at the spot that's not quite ready? Cut my nose off to spite my face some may say.
I knew this boy once, his name was/is Edwin Littleman. Unfortunate, I know. He, like you, was sucked in by fancy words and punctuation. What a fool. For all I know now, he is dead.


The End

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