Intercessory WarriorMature

Downstairs, Jonah had just finished reading Psalm 73.  Closing his Bible, he knelt down at the living room couch and began to pray.  At first, no words could be heard as he meditated on what he had just read.  Verse 20 clung to his thoughts: "As a dream when one awakes, so when you arise, O Lord, you will despise them (the wicked) as fantasies." 

And verse 27: "Those who are far from you, Lord, will perish."

Then he began to speak aloud.  "Jesus, I come before you on behalf of this child, Viviene.  You have laid her upon my heart, God.  Now I lift her up to you.  I don't know who she is, or where to find her, but I believe her position is far from you.  Draw her closer to you, Father.  I present myself to You, dear Lord.  Use me as you will to draw back the innocent that Satan seduces.  Your power is greater, O God!  Rebuke the Devil in Jesus' name on Viviene's life and on her mind!  Reveal her to me that I may aid her directly.  Bring her from dreams of darkness and magic into a reality of light and your awesome power, God.  I have made you my refuge, and will tell all your wonderful deeds, if you will only give me the opportunity."

Jonah continued to pray far into the night.  He went silent in meditation for short spans and paced the room at other times, guided by the Spirit of God.  Soon his tongue was no longer his, as he received blessings from heaven and returned them skyward.  By morning, he was at peace.  He did not know what was in store for him, but he had spent the night in the loving arms of his personal Savior, and he knew that God's will was at work.  

All would be well.  God would eventually lead him to this child called Viviene.  And when He did, Jonah would be ready to battle for her soul in the power of the Holy Spirit!

The End

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