For the Sake of Research

Roger would go to any lengths to satisfy his writer's curiosity... well, almost any. If he had the choice, he'd read about everything, from the safety of his desk chair.
Too bad he doesn't always have that choice.

I've noticed most stories of this nature start out with an introduction of sorts, so with lack of a better idea I might as well go with convention.

Usually a name is the first order of introductions, so I might as well start there.  The name's Roger.  Just Roger.  I've always liked the name, so I took it on as my "working" name.  I'm a writer, surprise surprise, intrigued by people.  I spend a great deal of my time researching, you see: reading, talking to people, watching people, reading, listening to people, reading...

Did I mention I like to read?  Oh yeah, I like to read about all sorts of people, past and present, real and fictional, good and bad.  The upstanding citizens that populate libraries are interesting and all, but I really prefer studying the shadowy denizens.  They're so much more complicated, there's so much more meat to devour, and therefore much more interesting to a curious mind such as mine.  I will go to nearly any length to satisfy my voracious curiosity.

Then there are some things I'll hesitate to do, but if its for the sake of research, I'll willingly do what I need to do or go where I need to go to get the information I need.

However, there are certain scenarios that I'd rather read about, safe in my desk chair, than experience for myself.  And those who have experienced such scenarios, I don't envy them one bit.  If I had the choice, I'd rather not risk my own skin just to do research.

But sometimes that choice is taken out of your hands.  And there ain't a darn thing you can do about it.

The End

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