Basically a My Chemical Romance Fan Fiction thing, it's not true at all and I don't own any of the characters, because they are based on real people.

Gerard still seemed annoyed, staring every hamster in the face before moving onto the next one.  He had been looking in every pet shop we came across for a hamster that 'spoke' to him.
Mikey had stayed close to me the whole time, never getting near any of the animals. I felt sorry for him, he really did love having pets, but it just somehow seemed that his pets had a long running habit of being hit by cars. It wasn't his fault at all; every single pet he had ever owned had been hit by some kind of moving vehicle. He just stayed away from all pets now, he wouldn't even go near my dog in case she caught his 'bad pet luck'. I didn't believe in such nonsense but Mikey didn't like it when I told Darcy to come and sit with us on the sofa. He really believed that he was jinxed.
I was the only person acting at least half sane. Occasionally I would pretend to be one of the animals in the shop talking to someone, a random unsuspecting customer, but that was a given. I had been dragged around nearly four pet shops and still no hamster was speaking to Gerard, I thought that it was a good sign, that he hadn't gone completely crazy yet, but he insisted that it was a bad thing. Maybe that meant he really had lost his marbles, but Mikey insisted that he was born without them... and then Gerard would give us the evils and say he was more a man than either of us... I think he thought we were talking about his crown jewels.
"How 'bout this one?" Mikey asked, looking at what I thought was a perfectly adorable hamster. It was fluffy and had brown splodges on it. It was trying to blend in to its food bowl.
"No! Mikey I've explained this. That one just doesn't speak to me..." Gerard threw his hands in the air like he was tired of repeating himself over and over, I think he was just enjoying making a scene. Everyone there, although not many people, had their eyes focused on Gerard, I could see a small smirk on his face that he was obviously trying to hide. I knew Mikey had seen it too when he just sighted loudly and went to look at the fish. Fish couldn't get hit by cars... we all hope. "Why don't you see if anyone will buy Frank? He looks more like a puppy than any of the puppies we've seen today." Gerard found another hamster cage and lost any concentration he had for me and Mikey.
"How much is that Frankie in the window?... Woof woof ... The one with the wagily tail... Woof woof ... How much is that Frankie in the window?... Woof woof ... I do hope that Frankie's for sale..." Mikey sang quietly to himself, watching the little goldfish swim happily around their tank.
"D'you remember that time at the fun fair?" I smiled, walking over to where Mikey was crouched down staring into the tank like it held naked girls within. Unfortunately I didn't have to crouch down in the slightest to get a good view of the fish.
"You won those fish... They were good fish..." Mikey smiled as though he was talking about kids that had left home and grown up. "I miss them..." Mikey threw a dirty look over his shoulder at Gerard.
Mikey had loved those fish as much as any other pet he had owned. I won them for him after he failed six times to hook a duck... I hooked three. Gerard had over feed them about a week after we had taken them from the cruel fair. They died while me and Mikey were staying in New York. When we got home Gerard hadn't even tried to replace the fish, he said that Mikey would have known anyway, I had no doubt that he was right. "Let's get some more!" Mikey stood up too quickly and came face to face with the fluorescent light they put over the fish tank to make them look more colourful. "Ouchy." Mikey turned away blinking a few times before skipping over to the counter and excitedly asking for three goldfish.
"Not again..." I smiled to myself; it would make Mikey happy to get some more fish. I wanted him to be happy.
The shop assistant made his way over behind the fish tank, taking some kind of special net with him. He looked like his soul was dying while Mikey looked on with glee as three goldfish were snatched out of their little home.
Mikey skipped over to the counter ahead of the shop assistant who still carried the little fish in plastic bags.
I started to think about dinner. Gerard had promised us that if we helped him find a hamster, not that he needed or wanted our help, he would buy us fish and chips. I didn't really want fish, I wanted chicken nuggets, but I didn't know if they would be sold at a fish and chip shop... nor did I know of any local fish and chips shops in the first place. Maybe Gerard was planning on us all taking the bus somewhere, who knew what was ever going through that boys head. I hoped that I could get chicken nuggets, but then I wondered if I could get chips with them or weather I would have to order some kind of set meal, this was turning into one dilemma of a dinner.
"I wonder if they come with chips..." I hadn't even noticed that I said it until Mikey and the shop assistant looked at me with horror in their eyes, Gerard was waiting in the corner, presumably not finding any hamster that he liked, with a smirk on his face. "Oh... No I was thinking of chicken nuggets... not the goldfish..." I tried to work my way out of talking about chips when buying fish, but everyone still gave me the same odd look. "I'm gonna wait outside..." Without another unfortunate word I started for the door, hoping that there weren't many more people in the shop who would have heard me. My two best friends and a shop assistant were more than enough to hear my lack of speaking skills.
"I don't recon they do Frankie..." Gerard laughed, falling in step next to me. He had that stupid patronising grin plastered over his face. He always seemed to be looking at me like that. Was I really that stupid?
"I was talking about chicken nuggets." It annoyed me that he still thought of me as a little kid. He was only three years older than me, and I was mature for my age. I was in Mikeys year at school, a year younger than everyone in my class, and I was still one of the cleverest kids in the class. I might as well have been fifteen. Plus he was only two years older than me for half the year, so really we weren't that different in age but he treated me like I was little kid.
"Got my fishies!" Although if Mikey was anything to go by then I was only three.
I turned away from Gerard, trying not to let his attitude get to me. I didn't even know why it annoyed me so much when Gerard treated me like a child, everyone else did and I didn't care when they did it.
  "Nice Mikes... They look just like the last ones" Mikeys face dropped slightly so I rethought my comparison. "Only better. Is that one a girl?" I looked into the little bags of fish, practically pressing my face against the clear plastic. I didn't know how to tell the difference between the sexes for goldfishes.
"That one's a boy..." Gerard crouched down slightly next to me, looking and pointing at one of the little orange fish. "And what a boy..."
Neither me nor Mikey could tell a difference between the boy fish and the other two but Gerard swore that he could see something.
"Maybe it's just me..." Gerard said every time we told him he was being an idiot, but in a kind of sexual way... It was creepy but it was Gerard.
As far as I was aware there were no other pet shops in the travelable area. We had already gone what I considered to be too far for a hamster but Gerard was really set on it. I was hungry after being pulled around on two busses and a train, but Gerard didn't give any hint of giving up.
"Gee... I want to go home, or get dinner, just something that isn't looking at more cute animals. I have to spend enough time with Frank as it is! And I think my fish will suffocate if they stay in here much longer!" Mikey held his fish up so Gerard could see them still looking happy enough in the little bag. We had been waiting around at the bus stop for around twenty minutes and they hadn't once stopped in their happy little circles.
"Fine, is there a fish and chip shop around here somewhere then?" Gerard looked around with an annoyed looked on his face but I had the feeling that he was glad Mikey bought the subject of food up before he gave in first.
"Gee you dragged us to this place. I have no clue where we even are, don't get me started on where food might be located!" I sat down on the floor next to Mikey and Gerard, not happy with the current situation.
"Frank stand up." Gerard tried to keep his voice low like he didn't want to draw attention to us, but we all knew how it would really turn out.
"Find our way home." I was being immature but I was good at it so I annoyed people with it all the time. Plus people always found me cute enough not to get properly angry at me.
"Frankie... please." Gerard turned slightly away from me, closing his eyes and pinching his nose.
Mikey tried not to giggle by looking at his fish, but I could see that he was still struggling to hold back laughter.
"Frankie what have I told you about making a scene in public? Now stand up and pull your trousers down!" That was a new one. Gerard always raised his voice so everyone in ear shot could hear us making a scene, it was silly but it was funny to make an appearance in random people's days. Gerard normally put some kind of threat on the end, it made people look and we would laugh like maniacs when we really freaked people out. I guess that telling me to pull my trousers down was a good way to freak people out.
"Not good enough" I poked my tongue out at Gerard but stayed on the floor. He was going to have to do better; we hardly got any strange looks.
"Frankie Iero. Get up off the floor now, pull your trousers down and ..." Gerard paused, looking around to see what he could do to make other people feel uncomfortable. "And kiss my brother or I am leaving you here to think about what you've done!"
Mikey's head snapped around, it had caught his attention but probably for a different reason to why it caught my attention.
"Wait! What have I done?" I stayed on the floor and looked up at Gerard, he seemed pleased with his way of freaking people out.
"You let Mikey get more fish." He had a point. "What's the chances that I will over feed them within half a week?" It seemed as though it had really annoyed Gerard that I let Mikey get some more goldfish, but he was there too and was more than capable of stopping Mikey before he had bought them. "Frankie...." Gerard was waiting for me to take on his challenge. I didn't really want to pull my trousers down or kiss Mikey, but I didn't want to give Gerard a piggy back home. That was the deal. If I did the challenge he would have to give me a piggy back and if I didn't do the challenge then I would have to give him a piggy back home. It wasn't too bad. Gerard was quite a bit taller than me, almost everyone was, but I was strong. Mikey and Gerard said that I was over compensating with being 'hench' because I was little. They were probably right.
"I hate you." I stood up, still having to look up slightly to look Gerard in the eye. He seemed too happy about this. Either way I would have to lose.
"Oh how I love to hear you say that Frankie." Gerard winked at me but stepped away from me slightly to give me space to pull my trousers down.
"Fine... quick and painless, like a plaster." I told myself although I didn't really believe it. Kissing my best friend would always be painful.
I closed my eyes, hoping that this would be good enough to win Gerards challenge. My fingers fumbled slightly as I tried to undo my belt and then to unzip my old jeans. Thank god I was wearing clean boxers today.
The air was cold on my legs, but I didn't pull my trousers down all the way. I just let them fall down until they stopped of their own accord. Gerard was somewhere to my left laughing while Mikey looked horrified when I started to walk towards him.
"Don't do it Frank. You don't have to do what he tells you to..." Mikey took a step away from me, holding his fish against his chest like they could protect him.
"I'll tell Kirstin that she should go out with you... I just don't want to give him a piggy back home." Mikey didn't move for a second, I think he was actually contemplating my offer. He had liked Kirstin for years and hated that I talked to her all the time. He was always asking me to set them up but I said no because I didn't want him to ruin it and then make her hate me too. "Just don't let him have the satisfaction on winning this..." Maybe that would entice Mikey the most. Not letting Gerard win.
"Fine. You set me up with Kirstin and keep it under two seconds... then I give you permission to kiss my cheek." Mikey still seemed tense but I thought he was thinking more about Kirstin than me having to kiss him.
While Mikey was out of the moment I looked to Gerard hoping that he would be satisfied but he shook his head. Of course that wouldn't be embarrassing enough.
I took another step towards Mikey but this time he didn't take a step away from me. "If I get any closer to you are you going to run? Because my legs are cold and I don't think I can run after you with my trousers like this..."
Mikey didn't answer me so I took that as a good sign and walked towards him until I started to feel incredible uncomfortable. I would have to make Gerard pay for this, and I'm sure that Mikey was thinking the same thing.
"Two seconds, that's it, and I'll be counting." Mikey slouched slightly so that I would be able to reach his cheek without having to look even more stupid standing on my tip toes.
Just as he was turning his head to the side I caught his lips on mine and tried to imagine that it wasn't Mikey who I was kissing. He pulled away nearly as soon as our lips were touching, I was glad that it didn't have to last long.
"Frank Iero if you ever do that again...!" Mikey looked annoyed at me, although I had no idea why he was angry at me. Gerard was the one who made me do it.
"Trust me Mikes; I will never be doing that again. And blame your brother for that." We both looked to where Gerard was basically crying with laughter.

Gerard was struggling to keep his balance as he laughed ridiculously loud at the two of us. People had started to look ever since I pulled my trousers down, but now we had drawn a proper crowd. I was glad that Gerard had dragged us two towns over looking for a hamster because otherwise people that I actually knew would have been able to see my humiliating display. It's funny the things people will do to make sure their friends don't win something over them. Apparently I was willing to half strip and kiss my best friend in public. I never really thought that I would ever have been doing that.
But somehow I was.
"Frankie pull your trousers back up. I think I might die if I laugh anymore." Gerard panted and walked over to us, flinging his arm around Mikey's shoulder and looking as though he had only done it to stay standing. "So. Should I tell mum and dad about this… or would you prefer me to keep your little romance secret?"
Mikey was quick to the mark, not wasting anytime switching from a disgusted look to one of pure begging and need for mercy. "It was your stupid dare in the first place. And I didn't tell them when you kissed that guy two weeks ago!" Mikey seemed more than annoyed that Gerard would even think of telling their parents although I found it a bit offensive that it was such a big deal to him.
Gerard held his hands out like he was approaching a dangerous animal. Mikey looked like a giraffe at best, not what I would call a dangerous animal, but then again I had never spent much time around giraffes … ever. "Calm down. I meant this romance with … What was her name? Kirsty? Kirstin?" The smirk on Gerard's face said that he hadn't really been talking about Kirstin but he just didn't want Mikey to get worked up, or that he didn't want Mikey running to tell on him for his supposed kiss with a boy a while ago. Either way he was trying to calm Mikey down.
He was a bit of an expert at it by now. Even I was getting better at the art of calming Mikey down. He worked himself up over nothing and it was a pain in my ass when he started to panic.
"Oh…" Mikey seemed to realise his mistake of getting overly worked up but he didn't relax any.
"I want my piggy back home!" The tension needed dispersing anyway. I was still standing in the streets of who knew where and I was freezing cold and hungry as hell. "My feet hurt!"
Both Gerard and Mikey gave me disapproving looks but I knew they were both thinking something along the same lines as I was. It really wasn't great to be just standing around, especially if your trousers were bunched up around your knees.
"Okay. But pull your trousers up first… I don't want to be in Mikey's situation…" Gerard gave me an odd look but turned his back to me anyway.
I was all too happy to get my trousers back on; I hadn't truly thought that that may be the reason for me being so cold. "Don't kid yourself Gee. You're pretty yeah, but Mikey's got more going for him." I didn't mean it, but Gerard needed someone to kill his ego ever so often or it would build up and destroy us all.
I jumped up onto Gerard's back any way, after pulling my trousers back up. I let my arms hang over his shoulders while wrapping my legs around his waist. Gerard reached to hold my hands in his instead of holding my legs round him. He had always carried me like this. Although when he gave anyone else a piggy back he held their legs to hold them up, I didn't get why he treated me differently.
"You're too skinny." I complained, trying to wrap my legs around him so I wouldn't fall down.
"Take it up with Mom. She feeds me." Gerard bounced slightly so that I sat higher on his back and looked to Mikey before walking past him, trying to find a way home, or to food, I was happy with either.
Mikey gave me a look that said Gerard being so skinny wasn't a direct result of him not being given enough food. He thought we hadn't noticed him getting skinnier but Mikey wouldn't be a very good brother and I wouldn't be a very good best friend if we hadn't noticed something was wrong.

The End

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