I awake abruptly in the middle of the night. I touch my forehead and it has a thin layer of sweet on it. What was I dreaming. I think. Something about a field, a field with yellow daisies. And there was a cow, that's right a white cow with black spots. There was something small next to the cow an indecipherable shape, but it made a noise like a calf. 

Puzzled by my dream and not really wanting to make sense of it I wander out of my bedroom and into the living room. It is cooler then and the sweet on my forehead quickly dries. Suddenly I remember about yesterday, my dad and Joey. I remember the love I felt when I first saw Joey and the confusion and anger that followed afterwards. 

I feel the urge to run. I want to get out of the house, it feel stuffy and cramped. I walk to the backdoor but then I pause, if I open the door I am sure to wake my grandmother and that is the last thing I need at the moment. 

I sit down on the couch and lean into the cushions. My head is spinning again. Nothing makes sense to me and I think maybe it is all too much. 





The End

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