The Fair

The lights, the sounds, the music.

On any other occasion, they would've provided a great distraction. Not tonight though. Thoughts keep coming, racing, running, no matter how hard i try to shut them out.
How can i trust him now? Has he lied to me before? What else hasn't he told me? How can this be happening?
My head feels as if it will explode. Grandfather and I are packing away the booth, I smile for Grandfather, and he smiles back. Everything is alright. As soon as I stop thinking.

2 Hours Earlier:

"You want to go on that ride?" I ask doubtfully, looking down at my younger cousin, "It looks pretty scary..." She just smiles as she hands her last three tickets to the guy running the ride. "You're just too scared." she shoots as she clambers up the rise. I sigh as I hand the guy my tickets and glance up at the sign, The Ring Of Fire! Ride if you DARE!!! This was going to be fun.

The ride was fast, really fast. When it finally ended i stumbled off after Sarah, who looked very accomplished. "That was GREAT!" she exclaimed, "Want to go again?"
I just look at her, giving my best 'seriously' look while trying not to throw up. I'm not sure I pulled it off, so I just state "Your all out of tickets now." Thankfully, I thought. I had been chasing her around all day, not an easy job. Believe me. "Let’s go find Grandfather and tell him all about our day,"

For the county fair every year, my grandparents keep a booth. Usually they just display plants and homemade stuff. Every year I come down to help them out, its fun, and when Sarah comes down to spend the day it just makes things more exciting.

Grandfather was sitting, taking his lunch on a bench just next to the booth. Sarah runs up and jumps beside him, explaining in detail our glorious day. "... and we went up WAY high and Angie got this sick look on her face, and I screamed WAY loud and it was SO fun!! Grandfather YOU should come with us next time!!" He looks up as I make my way over to the bench, sees my face and tried to hold back his chuckling.
He was unsuccessful.
"I hear you quite enjoyed the rides Angie, Wish I was there to see that," he breaks off laughing.
"Oh yes that's SO funny, let's see you not feel nauseous after one of those rides! I don't understand how she can stand it, let alone love it," I end my rant by sitting grumpily on the end of the bench.
"Alright, Alright! Don't get your panties in a bunch. We are just making fun. Oh! And before I forget, your dad stopped by. Wants to tell you something."
I perk up immediately. "Dad wants to see me?" This is great! I haven't seen him in forever! Generally I live with my grandparents, always have really. They are my dad’s parents, and he stops by to visit every so often. He used to come by a lot more when I was younger, but these days I hadn't seen him as much. "Do you know what he wants to tell me?" I ask grandfather,
"I think it's more his place to tell, it's more between you two. He's been trying to get to tell you for some time now." He seems to suddenly get very interested in the half eaten sandwich in his hand. I see that I won't get any more answers by pressing the subject.
"You want to go get lunch?" I ask Sarah, she turns and agrees, as long as we can also get ice cream. After eating, the day became slow. Sarah and I sat making up names for the people walking by, and fabricating stories for their lives. I was just telling her how the man in the business suit, carting his daughter around was really a secret agent named Joe, when my dad came.
Sarah saw him first. "Hi Uncle Rob!" she said hopping away from the picnic table. He seemed distracted, looking about him and walking quickly toward us. He also had a strange look on his face, but when he saw Sarah it disappeared before I could place it. "Hey little bug!" he says wrapping her in a hug. He looks over his shoulder at me, still smiling. I smile back. What does he want to tell me? The question won't stop running through my head.
As dad and Sarah make their way back over to the table, I stand up and give him a hug. It’s a usual dad hug, one armed and slightly away from himself. What does he want to tell me? He backs away ending our embrace.
"So Gramps says you have something to tell me?" I ask, he gets the weird look back on his face, "Yes, I do" he answers slowly, "Sarah bug? Why don't you go ask gramps if he needs some help?" He asks still looking at neither of us.
"Sure," Sarah skips away leaving us standing by the table. What does he want to tell me? "What is it dad?" I ask cautiously, not sure if i want to know if Sarah had to leave, was his news that bad?
"Angela...I have something pretty serious to tell you," he starts
Way to state the obvious.
"And I’m not sure how you will take it, I’m ashamed to say I’ve been keeping secrets. And i completely understand if you are upset with me after I tell you,"
Spit it out! My mind was going to explode if he kept dragging this on!

"I would like to take you up to the hospital today, so you can meet your new little brother." He finishes in a great huff, the words spilling out.
I just look at him. A new brother? What was he talking about? Mom had been gone for years, left when i was little. He only had a couple girlfriends since then, nothing serious. But if he had a kid, then who was the mom? How long has he been with her? When did he meet her? Do i know her? Why didn't he tell me before? The thoughts just kept coming and wouldn't stop. How can this be happening? The questions were swirling around in my head, aching to come out. But instead of speaking my mind, I plastered a smile on my face and asked,
"What's his name?"

The End

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