For the ones who don't know

Just saying...

Well I’m going to write this to… whoever is reading this, enjoy it...

I can talk chavvy at times but some times I can talk posh or even American (I cant hear it but my friends told me). I also have a lisp and I hate it when people take the mick out of me for it.  I’m not the smartest, I can't spell a lot of thing and I’m not good with grammar I can get embarrassed by that. But I’m learning. Although I don’t seem that fussed about my education I really am. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I have a few ideas like, fashion designer, lawyer, something to do with space/stars or something to do with music. For those who know me well, you will know I’m not very comfortable with my figure. I’m not slime I’m not tall either. But I’m not fake and I never try to be. I might act a bit slutty, especially at party’s, that’s only because that attracts boys, at my school.

It’s nice to feel wanted but only by the right people. I’ve never got off with anyone, and for those who think I did… I didn’t. Yes I would like to, but I don’t want to regret it either. I’m not crazy about my appearance, but if I think I don’t look nice, it bugs me. Not because I’m trying to impress people, because I like to feel beautiful. I didn’t used to be that fussy about who to date, but after I spent months with someone I realised its important to find someone who nice, caring and that. I make a lot of mistakes especially when it comes to boys… I’m not very confident in what I say, or what I do, or anything. I would love to be. But I’m not. I always think of the bad things that will happen instead of the good. When I’m around a person/people I find attractive, I will go shy and mess up what I’m meant to say, ill start off saying a sentence then ill get distracted and go blah. I do kind of like someone at the moment, but I don’t really know him that well to say I have a crush on him. His sweet and down to earth, he told me that he rather a girl with no make up and with a great personality. I think he might have a clue who it is now ;). I love it when boys start the conversation and compliment you properly. But I hate it when they lead you on and go off with some other girl who’s (my opinion) Not pretty, bad personality and horrible… I have to admit I do move on quick, I make mistake and I do cry at night over them but I smile at the end… maybe I’m talking to much on relationship wise… ah well Ill move on.

I listen to A LOT of music, and my taste has changed in a year. I used to be like Justin Bieber and now I’m like All Time Low. I don’t mean to copy peoples music taste, if I find it interesting I will go and listen to it. My life is based around music (and I know everyone says that) my feelings, actions and style are related to music. I have loads of favourite artist/bands because I like different ranges of music. I’m not a big fan of metal or punk, I do like rock and pop rock and luckily that’s a very common genre.

I don’t think I hold a grudge and if I do its maybe because you’re being stupid? I hate it when my ‘friends’ are to busy trying to be popular or with their boyfriends to even notice me or invite me anywhere? I do love most of my friends and there are a few who I will never be annoyed at for to long, but some I just want to tell them I hate them, but I know I cant cause everyone will hate me. I know who my best friends are, and I can strongly prove I have two :D. One who I met last year and instantly became close with and one who I’ve known since I was in year two? Or around that age. There are a few people in particular who will always make fun of me when I try to do something new to my hair or style. That’s why I’m never that outgoing with my clothes ad I have never change my hair colour. Yes, I might blame it on my mum for not letting me dye my hair but most of the time its fear of what people are going to say. Also I hate being compared to my sister (or anyone really) she’s not me. I’m better… no I’m joking. She’s got her own style and that, so in anyway you try and compare me to her personality wise, I will hurt you…


Well I don’t really know what else to say and most of you wont even read this, well I guess if you saw this word right now then you obviously reading it? I don’t know. Anyway yeah… sorry if its really long and boring but I wanted to get it out.


Liv Wright <3

The End

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