Now there was but one thing left on my list of things to do: 


I breezed to the park where I had always seen him, the park I had been kidnapped from. My eyes widened as I saw the trees, lamp-posts, telephone posts, all covered in MISSING PERSON posters. Posters with my face on them. Or at least, my human face. Thin, goldeny skin, dark, lank hair, dull grey eyes. No-one would think that I was the same person. The change from my face in the picture, a dull, ordinary, spotty teenage girl, to my face now; a radiant woman with pale, clear skin, glossy, thick, dark hair, a sculpted but somehow still soft looking nose, full lips and very full curves. I was the woman I had always longed to be.  I hid in the shadows on the opposite side of the park to where he used to stand. I only had to wait for 10 hours. It felt like the time passed in a heartbeat. I could have stood there, just as stock-still, for days, weeks, months even. But I didn't have to. There he was. I breezed around the park and locked my arm around his neck.

"Guess who?" I whispered.  Turning his head, he blinked at me disbelievingly. 

"How? How did you survive?" He muttered. 

"I guess I'm just special." I said sarcasticly, narrowing my eyes at him. I cupped his cheek in my hand and then, slowly, dug my nails into his face. He screamed in pain, twisting, trying to get free. But as a newborn, I had the strength advantage, and kept him in place. His face didn't cut like human skin. Instead, it was like carving into granite. Little hollows appeared in the shape that I had scratched. It was so weird, I stopped. In that instant he wriggled free and began to run. I followed, tracking him, driving him into a corner. Into the house he had killed me in. He flew through the smashed window, and I followed. 

"WHY?" I yelled, grabbing a handful of his hair and yanking his head back. 

"I-I thought you wouldn't survive. None of my prey has before! I thought-" He stammered.

"Thought what? That I was just another expendable human?" 

"Oh shut up." He gasped. "You're like me now. You reek of blood. You've killed, and you obviously didn't stick around to see if your prey would survive the change. You know how it is! If I waited for every single kill I'd made the humans would catch me, kill me, or worse, trap me in a lab and study me!" That made me think. I let go of his hair. 

It hadn't been personal. He had cared about me just as little as I had cared about the boy I had killed. It was just the vamp way. I sighed. Then I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a crushing hug. 

"Thank you." I muttered in his ear. "You've given me the best thing ever. Immortal life. Thank you-" 

"Don't mention it." He said, looking sheepish. He was obviously more than a little embarrassed. 

"Evie." I said, breaking the hug and holding out my hand for him to shake.

"Xander."  He said, smiling and grasping my hand. 

The End

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