The body was still atop the blood-spattered bedspread. It was a girl, no older than sixteen, covered in her own blood. Her hair, a dark chocolatey brown was spread around her, her mouth open in a silent scream, her eyes staring into infinity. She lay like that for a whole week. The house she was in was empty. Had been for ages. Police assumed the window had been smashed by mindless teenage vandalisers. They didn't bother to check inside. They knew a teenaged girl had been reported missing, but they never suspected she would be found inside an abandoned house.. 

Then, on the seventh day, at six p.m the girl's mouth shut. Her eyes closed. She began to writhe in pain as the change began. Another week passed. On the fourteenth day:

My eyes flew open. I shot up, taking in my surroundings in seconds. Wow, everything was so... so... clear. I could see the filaments in the light bulb, every blade of grass in the park across the road, every little loose thread and scrap of ripped fabric that lay on the wooden floor. I looked down at my body. It was covered in a crust of dried blood. My blood. I realised with a shiver. Then it hit me. I was a Vampyre. I had made the change. My vamp had turned me. Unintentionally, I presumed from his absence. It kicked like a bull that he had meant to kill me. 

With my super-fast new reactions, I decided a list of things to do.

  1. Get a wash. It was disgusting being covered in your own blood. 
  2. Get some clothes. I mean, no matter how fast and how long I could now run, I couldn't stay naked forever.
  3. Get Revenge. I was going to find that jerk of a guy and rip him to shreds for taking my normal, totally mundane life and flipping it on it's butt by turning me into an immortal. Ok, it was probably a gift. I mean, immortal life. Who wouldn't want it. But the reason I hated him was because he had given it to me without meaning to. He had thought I would die. Just plain lovely, eh?

I leapt out of the window and sped to the nearest river. I moved so fast that everything should have blurred, and yet it didn't. I could hear everyone in the neighbourhood's conversations and could still pick out the sound of a river in the distance to head in the direction of. I had been to the river hundreds of times as a small child, swinging on the rope swing, paddling in autumn and spring, swimming in summer, skating in winter. ( but only if it froze over, which had only happened once in my whole life )

As a human, it had been a fifteen minute walk, five minute drive, was now a one minute run. The river was fairly fast flowing in the place I chose, near the little waterfall my brothers and I would slide down as kids. As I landed in the water, my feet sunk into the sandy-mud at the bottom, right up to my ankles. The current swirled around me up to my chin, stroking me like caressing me like fingers. It couldn't move me an inch. I was like a rock, embedded in the riverbed, unmovable. After a few seconds I decided I was clean. I leapt from the water just as swiftly as I had entered it and was dry in seconds as I raced towards the town.

First to that fancy lingerie shop with the slutty, lacy bras that me and my friends had detested. I grabbed two black lacy bras and matching thongs, ripping the tags off carefully before breezing out of the door, all far too fast for the security cameras to pick up, let alone the human employees. I hid in a back alley and pulled on the underwear. The thong fit, but somehow, I wasn't the same bra size as I had been as a human. The 34B that I had grabbed was so small I was almost bursting out of it. I breezed back in and grabbed a 34DD. It fit. Shit.. I muttered. Guys were sure going to love me now.. Then I made a trip to the local Hollister and picked out a tight, totally see-through white short-sleeved tee and a pair of denim hot pants. Now I was a Vampyre, I decided the slutty style was for me. Next was a shoe shop where I plucked out a pair of black stiletto sandals in exactly my size. Now I was ready. I sauntered into the nearest public bathroom and checked my reflection. 

The girl in the mirror was breathlessly beautiful. Her skin was snow-white, her full lips a gorgeous pink, her nose so soft looking, her dark chocolate-coloured hair falling in thick waves to her shoulders, her big eyes... red. Bright, blood red. She bared her teeth. Her incisors were long and pointy. Her body was flawless, the tight top clinging in all the right places, her cleavage showing above the low neckline, her black lacy bra visible underneath. When she bent down in her denim short-shorts you could see the top of her thong.

She... She was me. 

The End

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